Deep introspection reminded me of some awarenesses that are still integrating and feel extra relevant right now. I hope these re-reminders help you to connect deeper within yourself.

Go slower. We are taking in a lot at one time. Picture a white room with nothing. Now see the room filled with everything you are taking in at one time. Can you consciously take it all in so it doesn’t feel as overwhelming?

Supporting others and allowing myself to be supported. Trusting in the perfect flow of life. Gratitude. Remembering I have everything I need. Trust in the perfect timing. Remember where you came from.

As a leader, you must trust in your ideas, leading, guiding, speaking, showing, accepting support and encouragement. Understand that the full rich life is being 100% in my me-ness. That is it. and as me-ness I mean true nature, not the programs, not the brainwashing, not society, not expectations. Getting to know you at your deepest levels. Does that mean aspects will get left behind? Relationships, commitments, and beyond. Yes, and that is OK.

Aspects of comparison, jealousy, judgment and resistance allow you to course correct to being 100% you. What parts of yourself are you rejecting. Are you jealous because you have subconsciously not allowed yourself to experience that because of a commitment you made with yourself years prior? Are you judging because you are scared because those are thoughts or ideas you haven’t yet explored?

Trust in how good life can be. There is only an upside. If you adopt this belief, fear melts away. This doesn’t mean to float away on a cloud of ignorant bliss, it means to tune in consciously to each moment and to speak, allow trust in the truth that is vying to come through.

Our ancestors, family that has passed on, each created something, and we are in the collective experience of that each moment, to honor this blessing. The line of those who came before us.

I trust and accept the power I have to bring people together. As Ram Dass says, “you may protest if you can love the person you are protesting against as much as you love yourself.”

Within the context of me-ness, we are all doing our best to be human. It can be a weird experience. We are here on earth, doing our best. Programs, confines and constraints are given to us. Is that not humanity, seeing how this experience is somewhat unusual for each of us and coming together with respect from that place? The experience of suffering is a common human experience, although the shades are different. Seeing compassion and humanity in a new light. Sharing all parts of being human. Respecting ourselves, each other, nature. Honoring our oneness.