5 Skills to make a Career In Sales

Did you know as per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 14 million people worked in Sales and related job profiles? Salespersons undoubtedly stand among the strongest pillars of a company. They are the ones that bring in the revenues and act as a link between the customers and the firm. If you too are considering a career in sales, then take a look at these five much-required skills that can give your career a boost right from the beginning:

1. Self Confidence

If anything can inspire the customers to close a deal with you, then that is your confidence. You need to have strong faith in your abilities and your voice should reflect that confidence. You would never know what a customer has in mind to ask you or when a question might come up out of the blue. So, you need to be self-assured that you can deal with such spontaneous challenges with clear and comprehensive solutions. You need to have thorough knowledge about the product to be confident enough to resolve the queries put up by the customers. Moreover, you need to train yourself for all the odds so that any rejections to a pitch should not shake your ground. Your body language, your postures, and your communication skills need to reflect the faith that you carry within yourself. As they say, an ideal salesperson is the one that can sell a comb to a bald man. Such should be the confidence!

2. Excellent Communication Skills

As a salesperson, you should know how to strike a conversation about the product without boring the customer. Equally important, you should know where to start and how to conclude the pitch with one last winning shot that will instantly close the deal. You should pay special attention to the choice of words as well as the mood of the listener. In your career as a salesperson, you may come across a variety of customers. Some might be humble and good listeners while some might be rude and always in a hurry. Remember that a ‘one size fits all’ approach might not work here. You should always have a unique pitch in your hands to deal with different customers. Moreover, you should have a good knowledge of the local dialects as many customers find it easier to connect in their mother tongue and it might be more convincing for them to believe you. While communicating with the customers, your words should be powerful yet humble and soft. Dealing with irritated customers may be a challenge, but that too should be dealt with in a calm and respectful tone to turn the odds in your favor.

3. Responsible Attitude

There would be times when you might be blamed and bashed for missing the target. You need to have a responsible attitude to learn from such experiences and be resilient enough to stand again after every fall. You must learn to take responsibility for your successes as well as your failures with the same spirit. A responsible salesperson only can learn from the mistakes and improve for the better. This responsibility continues even after the sales are made and deals are closed. It is important on your part as a salesperson to regularly follow up on the customers in order to build trust and goodwill. This responsible attitude shows how committed you are towards the customers and how dedicated you are towards the valued targets of the organization. It not only helps you to get better at the job but also earns you praises from the boss and gain much-loved incentives.

4. Good Listener

A good salesperson is not just a good speaker but also a good listener. It is really important to have an ear for the customers’ queries as well as the company’s guidelines. You should have the patience to listen to customers’ needs and requirements. Any assumptions, pre-established beliefs, or judgments should be avoided before transacting with the customers. Remember that every customer has different needs and different expectations from the product. So, it is always advisable to take time and take notes of the specific demands or queries put up by the customers in order to serve them what suits them the best. Moreover, you should carefully listen to the team leaders or the managers for any change in the guidelines of the firm as incorrect or missed pieces of information can prove to be detrimental to the sales performance.

5. Intelligence

You are a good listener and you have excellent communication skills. But are you aware of the modern systems and tools to close the sales? Can you identify if the person on the other side can actually be a SQL (Sales Qualified Lead)? Intelligence and presence of mind are all that it takes to strike the “good” deals at times. You may come across a number of people who may ask you multiple questions about the product but still never be willing to buy at the prices that the company offers. So, it is important to be emotionally intelligent to be able to read the customer’s mind and differentiate the good leads from the not-so-great leads. Moreover, you need to be familiar with the modern tools and applications to increase the reach as well as to ensure quick and secured delivery of services, especially during these times of pandemic when contactless sales and digital transactions are the need of the hour.

The Bottom Line

Sales is a great career choice; however, it demands certain skills as well. If you are looking for a career in sales, it’s time to work on the mentioned skills and talk about them in your resume. Let your potential recruiters know how you can add value to their organization. With changing scenarios and people are making more informed decisions about their purchases, organizations want to hire professionals that are skilled to close deals even in a competitive market. Build a strong professional sales resume and kick start your career in this evergreen job sector.