Overall success in life is dependent on many factors. Your actions, your reactions, and your mindset – all have an impactful role. You cannot start your journey without a struggling mindset and considerable effort. But the most important point that makes huge differences in your struggle is your consistency. Unless you are consistent, you cannot move ahead.

The Wonders of Consistency
Being consistent opens many doors. It brightens up your efforts and brings to life various possibilities. Following your goals and achievements would be useless, unless you follow them with utter consistency
and dedication.

Consistency opens up the doors of wonders in the form of endless opportunities. You might be working hard right now, but if you do not get rewarded immediately, this will definitely break your consistency. This is the point where you need to be consistent. Do not lose hope because of failures. Keep working hard, and you will achieve your goals and be successful.

How to be Consistent?
Considering the positive consequences of consistency, you would definitely like to opt for it. This article may have awakened a get-up-and-go in you. You will start putting in efforts. You will try to remain consistent. But if you don’t follow a proper plan, an authentic method, the fire of struggle will remain lit inside you only for a short period of time. You will not be able to keep it flaming for a longer duration.

Here the important question is, how can you keep your steadiness alive?
Be clear about your goals
Having ambiguities about your targets will make you inconsistent. When you’re unaware about your goals, you will not know what to struggle for, and hence this vague attitude will lead you to paradoxical behaviour.

Avoid distractions
An unfocused and distracted mind will always find it difficult to remain consistent. Keep yourself
away from all distractions, whether it be social media or unnecessary gatherings. A golden rule is
to stop watching TV or stop doing anything that interrupts your flow of consistent thinking.

A healthy body has a healthy mind
To work hard consistently, you need to keep yourself healthy. A disturbed body will shatter your focus. Eat healthy and exercise regularly to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Only a healthy body will help you to keep up the steadiness towards your goal. Remember, your physical health and mental health should be balanced, in order to attain a healthy body and mind.

Have the courage to say no
Not every opportunity is worth accepting. Know where to say ‘yes’ and where to say ‘no’. Never hesitate to say ‘no’, because not every question is designed for a ‘yes’!

Reward yourself during the journey
All the struggle and all the efforts are for your ultimate goal. Your target keeps you moving and helps you to keep struggling. Humans are built that way. Rewards and prizes help them to struggle. Keep small rewards for yourself when you achieve small targets. This will help you to keep up the rhythm.

A consistent person is able to do wonders that an inconsistent man will always wonder. Steadiness and constancy always remind us of the turtle who defeated the rabbit only with his steadiness. If it were not for its continuity, the rabbit would have defeated him within minutes.

Now it’s up to you, whether you want to be the turtle or the rabbit?