A dream or a wish describes the way you would like your life to be… A goal is what you intend to make happen. If you have clearly defined written goals, you are in an elite group of individuals who are taking ownership of their lives.

You have made the decision to “Make it Happen”… rather than watch it happen.

But having written goals is not enough. In order to achieve the results you want, you need to learn and practice the art of “Consistent Execution”.

This requires taking action and measuring the execution of your plan on a daily basis.

I would like to help you create this winning habit by giving you an assignment for this week:

• Take one of your goals… either personal or professional

• Write down two ‘new’ (different) activities that you are going to do every day for the next week that will help you achieve your goal

• Note: No more than two activities!!!

• Be very specific regarding what these activities will be… and be sure to put them in writing

• Now… Create your own personal scorecard so you can measure your progress for each activity daily

• For example: I walk twenty minutes every day(activity #1)… I do ten pushups every day (activity #2).

  • Create a chart (scorecard) that shows Monday through Sunday… Walk 20 minutes / 10 Pushups

• Every day you must check off that you have executed the activities you committed to doing on your scorecard

Every week thereafter, find two new activities that you will commit to executing… and add them to your scorecard.

You have probably heard the expression… “What gets measured, gets done”. Most people wait a certain period of time to measure the results of their plan or goals. 

The challenge with this is that you are only measuring the results. If the results are not what you hoped for, it is too late to make a change.

The KEY to your success is to measure the “execution of the plan”. This will help you achieve the results you want. If you see something is not working, you then have the choice to change your action plan. 

I challenge you, and encourage you, to create this winning habit. I am confident that you will achieve exponential results. 

Remember… Every day is a gift, and the quality of your life is your gift to yourself.


  • Barry Gottlieb

    Author - Speaker - Success Mentor - Trusted Advisor

    Barry is sought after by organizations of all sizes to assist them in the following areas: *Leadership - *Strategy - *Execution - *Company Culture - *Time Management - *Emotional Intelligence. As the Founder and President of Coaching the Winner's Edge, Barry has built a successful practice offering counsel and guidance to both private individuals and corporations. In addition, Barry is a successful author and speaker. His books are: "TGIT-Thank God It’s Today". - "Every Day Is A Gift". - "Brilliant on the Basics...a Playbook for Business Leaders". Barry started out his career as an educator... First a school teacher and  Principal; and then as an instructor at Santa Fe Community College, and the University of Florida. During his time at the university, Barry experienced a life altering challenge. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was given just 3 to 6 months to live. His story of recovery and the paradigm shift that it created in his life was the inspiration for his first book, "TGIT - Thank God It’s Today". Shortly thereafter, Barry decided to make a career and life style change and left teaching to enter the world of business. This he says, “Is where my real education began.” He and his partners built a very successful $75 million international company from the ground up, that they later sold for $55M. Barry shares the the wisdom and insights of building a very successful company... and culture, in his latest book: "Brilliant On the Basics... A Playbook for Business Leaders". Barry's Mission: To inspire and empower others to reach their full potential.