unsplash.com/Colton Duke

When you just stand on the side of the road, seeing people walking with their own life, own problem and own happiness. And you realize that you feel alive, and your purpose are not just about live but living this life and find meaning about what really life is.

So you begin have a deep thought. Try to find answer about your problem, your journey and your success. Have you find it?

But maybe life is not teach us to find answer, or sometimes you can’t find the answer as easy as you ask it. But the question you always asking teach you to understand that everything has a value.

Value is something that not always you can see, but something with a value always have some meaning, deeper than outer skin. In your silence you try to find, to understand and and reach an inner peace. And having self reflection make us try to understand how we can living in our way.

We live in many perspectives and random characteristics with each other. Some people like to compare them with other. But have you compared with yourself on yesterday? You spent your time just sitting and working and feeling bored with your flat life. So with your flat life, have you found your purpose that makes you will not regret it in 30 years later? If you don’t, you need to spend your little time to have a deep thinking. To feel every breath and heartbeat that makes you life, have a meaning. In your worst day, in your uncomfortable life.

Too many things that we did in one day. Have a deadline, checking instagram, create story and tell people about our lives, seeing people and comment on they bad fashions, and making gossip with our teamwork. We force our mind to do that every day and being tired with no reason. But in our lives we always have an important thing to do but forget because of all the things I said before. What is the most important to you? When you can filter all that, your purpose will be clearly seen.

That every single step you take has a meaning as long as you know what is most important to yourself.

But life is not always about thinking about that all day, but to be enjoyed as you can. To be lived.