Talk about it only enough to do it. Dream about it only enough to feel it. Think about it only enough to understand it. Contemplate it only enough to be it. #JeanToomer

What is constant is the naked radiance of Truth. It’s easy to feel. Sensuality is presence that unfolds truth to drive us to recognize ourselves, each other and inspiration.

Everyone has a timeline. Sensuality grounds us with perspective along the way that frees us to be creative. We are the all part of the cosmic heart beating.

Creativity is spirituality that transcends time to give birth to the unexpected, the amazing and the real. We navigate energy of Life with our senses. And so we are drawn to the bright lights of change.

With eyes, ears, mind, heart, skin and mouth, we uncover the moving path of starlight beneath our feet. Being in sync with the present, we feel alert. See yourself as part of a bigger picture. The portal of continuity is perspective, love and joy.

Intuitive tools like dignity, curiosity, courage and patience are spiritual gifts of common sense that bring us continuity with our destination. As we move with the lightness of being, completion is ecstatic and soothing. It’s definitely personal.

Responding to what we sense is good, builds powerful momentum that propels us forward. We don’t have to be heroes but we do have to be responsible for our choices.

We are lucky to be alive. Odds of being conceived are worse than winning the Powerball lottery. We begin life searching for continuity and purpose. Being flexible and adapting to change is the excitement of survival.

Every breath we take is part of the chain of Living. Amazement, dignity and (com)passion are playgrounds of Love in the schoolyard of life. The sky is a suspended blue ocean. The stars are a school of fish. Have fun with your senses. Be cosmic. Tune-in to character. Trust yourself.

Sensing in organic feng shui that relieves stress, uncluttering space and time for living. Time is the essence of Life. It’s all we have. No one knows when their number is up. With limited time to follow our bliss, pay bills, achieve our dreams and enjoy each other, it’s good to live sensually.

Stay true to yourself. No matter what is happening, you must move on. The intuitive point of change is the light of continuity found with courage and patience. Life is rarely predictable. Be curious, play and reflect to understand problems, thoughts and situations. There are no limits to how things come together.

Our creative advantage is amazing. We are born into a portal of change. Move with the Light. Curiosity is the gentle kiss of an open mind. Get kissed with your eyes open. Enjoy the unexpected. You will find the secrets of continuity are yours.

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