I am in the business of content that creates change; change within organisations, within leadership, within our hearts, minds, souls.

Most of all, within our lives.

Whether it’s writing and project managing content, or developing ideas for mobilising and alchemising human behaviour, it’s ALL about change, and it’s all about humans.

The hard truth is that any change with human connection starts with us.

It starts within us; within our own brains, our own minds, our own neurons.

All content is, in fact, is a conversation of some sort.

And conversations are where some of the most courageous changes happen.

They could also be some of the most painful, or terrifying things to instigate and to face.

In some cases, a great deal of the courage has to come from the unsaid- where those conversations cannot happen.

Perhaps the moment has passed.

Sometimes the people have passed.

Sometimes to engage in a conversation that has courage, would be problematic for many, many reasons.

And so we’re left with how we connect with ourselves.

How we manage, process, move through, assimilate, transmute, and live with, ultimately, those conversations, which may or may not ever happen, the change still has to happen within US to process the said and the unsaid, to move through every single stage of human feeling, learning and releasing as we go.

And so today, wherever those conversations are happening for you, remember that they start with your own mind and your own heart.

However they play out, know that that it comes from within – and that’s the place we can change the most.

Jo Gifford