One of the highlights of the podcast between Bob Burg and Olympic, Gold-medalist soccer player, Kristine Lilly, is how the conversation takes on a Spiritual realm, as it relates to business and sports. “There is no I in T-E-A-M!” We have all heard this, before. We see it in action. We observe the performance of teamwork at sports arenas, championships, and others. Yet, it is one thing to observe the physical practice of T-E-A-M, and another to experience the Spiritual movements, and dimensions of teamwork, through the texture of words-in a conversation between two people.


In the beginning of the conversation, author of The Go-Giver, and international speaker, Bob Burg, breaks down the popular saying surrounding teamwork. And not just in the realm of athletics. Transitioning that very same concept into business, the structure of business, and the different departments in a corporation or business, listeners are made aware of the intricacies of. . .team.

One of the terms, such as “ego,” is brought onto the table. Simultaneously, a more hidden lesson and theme at the beginning of the podcast is that of selfishness. Now, granted Mr. Burg didn’t mention the very word. Yet, just by listening to other words, guiding the conversation, a keen listener could hear, and feel, the fragmentations, intensity, brokenness, chaos, and removal of nutritious energy, when articulating behaviors, which indicate someone, who is not a team player.

Cracks, thinness, and strain can be felt in the very energy, when one is even listening to the concept of selfishness. It is painful. On the contrary, giving provides healing!

(Photograph Provided By Bob Burg; Edits By Lauren K. Clark)

In a terse amount of words, selfishness leads to brokenness, tension, and the dismantling of life-sustaining structures. Terms such as family, and others are also expressed by Bob Burg. When imagining this concept, one can enter into a spiritual plane or dimension. Just imagining a person, or entity, that removes itself from life-sustaining energy, only to eventually collapse. Because the truth of the matter is that natural forces are proud. If a person is truly aligned with those natural energies, they will automatically align with those, who share the concept of. . .TEAM!

“In my opinion, a team is nothing more than a group of individuals, who’ve come together in order to achieve a common goal,” states Bob Burg. Let’s say we were to step back for a minute, and pretend that these individuals served as different flames, lighting a large fire. Should one flame decide to fizzle out, or spread it’s position to another area, the fire will continue. It may even get stronger just to make up for that speck of energy that was lost. In time, it may even attract a new flame, which will permanently bond to the fire. Pretty cool, isn’t?


I guess its easy to say that one of the underlying themes, which can be taken from this special conversation with Bob Burg and Kristine Lilly is that, a true team will never be broken. The forces, and spiritual understanding of nature, has ordained for certain energies to be aligned. A simple basis on the Law of Attraction! Those spirits and forces, which are complmentary to each other’s energies, will be aligned, together. And those that are authentic complements (and not pretending to be with the agenda of using a group for individual gains) will form a core foundation for the sustaining of life, or whatever foundation of life, that is being sustained. How does that sound?

So, if we venture into the world of corporations and high-profile businesses, we are forced to examine the role of truly forming core foundations of those persons (energies), who are complementary; connecting themselves to similar energies, who are also interested in sustaining that greater life force. A life-fulfilling force taking the form of an industry, department, firm, or overall corporation, in itself. Which means if a corporation, business, or what have you, has hired personnel, who are genuine in being able to work in a team environment, they won’t have to worry about the evil I. Why? Simply because that energy will naturally. . .fizzle out. It will remove itself from the equation. Yet, that can only happy if that entity has established its very foundation, as being a team environment, in the realest sense. Not forming a pseudo team, of individuals who are coming together because they. . .have to. Rather, a group of individuals, who come together because they want to. And, wanting to, makes a big difference.

Individuals who want to be part of a team because that team environment nourishes them-physically, mentally, and spiritually. For these groups of individuals, its not doing it for the sake of retaining a job, trying to get a promotion, or feeling that one is in competition with other members of the. . .team. When that group of individuals creates an authentic team because they want to, its normally because there is holistic, nourishing, and therapeutic energy among those individuals. It feels good to work with this group of people. Each individual feels that their own energy is restored. In turn, it makes the work feel more like a therapy, rather than a tortuous assignment, needing to be completed, before 5:00pm. Goodness, allow me to work in a group, more often.

The foundation of this podcast with Bob Burg and Kristine Lilly was so intricate and in sync because of how the lesson, overlapped and transitioned. A similar rhythmic pattern of Universal and spiritual law. Flowing and shaping within each other, in order not to miss a beat. It is a wonder. Keeping the vocal patterns (through the expression of words) on a constant beat and rhythmic pattern. The entire style and flow of their conversation is another example of that complementary. . .team! On a spiritual level, when one is connected with others, of an equal and greater vibrancy (and frequency), there is greater elevation. One soars higher. I’m sure you heard that saying, “Together, everyone achieves more.” The acronym of T.E.A.M.

“Put the good of the team, ahead of yourself.”-Bob Burg

(Photogrraph Provided By Bob Burg; Edits By Lauren K. Clark)

Transitioned into the conversational aesthetics of World Cup champion and Olympic Gold-medalist, Kristine Lilly, one is presented with that part of the team rubric, which becomes a visual understanding in the context of the human experience. We could even envision this vocal dynamic as being one of the foundations of a business plan. Placing it into the realm of a solid foundation, which can be performed in real a life-through, whatever scenario or circumstance.

Leading into the introduction of Kristine Lilly, Burg briefly highlights Lilly’s particular role in the success of teammate (and fellow champion), Brandi Chastain’s, championship-winning goal. If we were to go into further depth, we could highlight that connection on the energy plane, between Lilly and Chastain. Again, two forces, whose movements and rhythms had aligned for that particular moment in space and time. Doesn’t feel good to know that TEAM and teamwork can be so Spiritual? Very euphoric, indeed! *Sigh*

The presentation of Kristine Lilly’s co-authored book, Powerhouse, is a magnetic source of energy in itself. The very word, power, highlights the energy, associated with a force, (a powerful one, at that), whch sparkles and crackles when the right energies for that particular team bond (and energtic field) is. . .solidified. And, when solidity happens among a group of individuals, it is a powerful sight!

“Unless you played for the US team, you can explain it, but you don’t really understand it.”-Kristine Lilly

Another subconscious understanding of the Law of Attraction, and moving with change in time, is when Bob Burg addresses the US Women’s Soccer Team serving as a . . .dynasty. ” With that premise in mind, who else qualifies as a dynasty? Well, the United States women’s national team. You’ve had different coaches. You’ve had different players, and you keep winning. Why?” This very statement in itself, highlights a previous point that was made. When an authentic foundation is made in the essence of team. . .one will continue to attract the Spirits and energies, who will align in place with that very foundation, and structure. It is truly a phenomenal WONDER!

Observing how Universal energies, naturally align things and people with the energies of their very own existence is a wonder. Which means that the foundation, and structure, of the US Women’s National Team has truly established spacing of holistic teamwork. Lilly’s quoted from a former US National team’s coach stated that “We were going to be the fittest team out there. No one was going to be able to out run us. . .unless you played for the US team, you can explain it, but you don’t really understand it.” Again, the core foundation of an authentic team is one, where the vibes and energies can only be experienced by those, within. Yes, team is truly. . .GRAND!


There are so many layers to this particular podcast between Bob Bug and Kristine Lilly. So much richness and movement within the very essence of their words, and how they move interchangeablely, in their discussion of team (and its connection to the business world), company dynamics, and company aesthetics. This conversation is dynamic and fantastical!

Whether it takes on individuals, departments, or companies who share an industry, themselves, the common foundation of this podcast is that it subconsciously illuminates that different energies and parts of a system are interconnected with each other; are interdependent with each other. The favored essence of team, and its centered core, not only understand this, but are in agreement with it. Using their individualities, a silent pact is made, for these individual parts to come together for the continued existence of a greater system.

The true essence of POWER. And a reflective performance of a POWERFUL TEAM!

(Photograph Provided By Bob Burg; Edits By Lauren K. Clark)

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