Anxiety wreaks havoc on just about everything and anything. It can wreck your morning hour or your entire day. Even an entire month! 

Its that moment when so many things are racing for your attention. You find yourself in a rushing for you don’t know what. I’m in that seat for some years now. The race car seat. I often find myself not getting any sleep because of so many things racing thru my head. Things to do, work schedules, blogging schedules, planning for new videos, article to publish next, working with travel agents, working with blog contributors, doing online support, checking emails… the tiring and seemingly endless list goes on and on…. 

Maybe your list is worse than mine. Maybe even Mother Teresa’s list is worse compared to yours or mine. 

So how do I deal with it? I drown it with a cup of coffee or sometimes a joyful medley of tea concoctions. With my cup beside my laptop, things do get a little better. Still the weariness of going thru the same list day by day is draining. My mind and my body is drained.

Not until a friend shared a quote with me:

“No matter what gets done and how much is left undone, I am enough. Yes, I am imperfect.”

Let’s face it, anxiety is an enemy. Mistakes are made, plans get cancelled and the next step might be blurry or at times, blank.

But its OK to take a break. Take a step back. Get an energy cup. Fill it with energy that you can only use for a day. Its perfectly OK to not use all of what’s in your energy cup. It will take a lot of practice to do this. It will take a lot of guts. 

Really, its OK to be not OK.