Its human nature to get adapt to environments. And whenever our monotony is disturbed we get anxious and take time to adjust in new environments. And the same is the case with children, who are supposed to join the schools after a long vacation. It becomes difficult for them to get back in the routine as they feel more disconnected from their school after spending a long time at home.

 They feel difficulty in waking up as they are used to waking up late and staying up late at night. Also, at home, they only spend time with their family and there is no third person they interact with but when they are in school they would have to face a lot of different faces and thus they might show some behavioral changes.

At home, they have no burden of work as they can have long breaks while studying, and they can spend most of their time on free anime apps on the internet, and they find it very addicting and relaxing as compared to studies. After getting used to this routine, the school routine seems very hectic and boring. This is why when they are made to go to school they start crying and find new excuses to skip school.

Common worries: There are a lot of problems faced by students of all age groups, and those problems include:

• Fear of meeting new people like their class fellows and teachers.
• Fear of not being able to fit in the environment and not making it up to the end.
• Staying away from parents after spending a lot of time with them makes students anxious, and they get upset when it’s time to leave for school. They are anxious to leave their parents behind as they overthink that something might happen to their parents after they will leave for school.
• On entering the new grade they might get upset that their previous knowledge might have vanished away from their memory, and they will have to face embarrassment if they would not be able to answer questions asked regarding the previous class.
• They also have a fear of hearing weird comments from classmates regarding their get up or physical appearance.

Although this is a very normal reaction to a situation like these, you should not turn blind eye to this behavior of your child. Help them in coping with their fears, so they do not miss the chances of success and their relation with their friends. Bring them back before it gets too late to recover.

Follows are the steps to be followed by parents to cope with these issues.

1.      Empathy:

It is very important to pay attention to their concerns. And to show empathy to them. Instead of putting pressure on them talk to them casually; ask them when they are sitting in the car with you or while having dinner. But if they are too shy to say it in front of family members try asking them in private.

 This will not decide their attention, and they will feel more comfortable while expressing their feelings. Sharing and talking reduce half of the burden and helps in finding solutions. Avoid implementing your opinions on them instead let them figure it out on their own. Let them handle it the way they want.

2.      Solution of Problems:

All the teenagers who get anxious are unable to solve their problems. They might not be able to process and lose their ability to cope. And they might want someone to crack some solid ideas for them. Plan something exciting that reduces their stress and makes them active enough to decide what they want. Give coaching to your child and help them get out of their imaginary world and let them see that everything they interpret is not true.

3.      Care:

Students who deal with stress are often not able to sleep at night and also do not take meals regularly. Try fixing their sleeping patterns and make sure they get enough sleep and are taking their meals on time. This will help them in staying healthy and active. Sleeplessness brings lethargy and slows down the working of their brain.

So, it is very crucial to take care of their health to take care of their brain. Give them their favorite snacks when they come back from the hectic routine of school. Make sure their rooms have a good recessed lights installation so that it does not affect their eyesight and they can easily do their homework on desks.  Try giving them enough relaxing time and encourage them to divert their attention towards positive aspects. Spend as much time as possible to not let them overthink and create imaginary problems.