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We all have been in tough times where we have to suffer the adverse effects of lockdown in a way or another. But for some, this has not been so easy to cope up. Many people still out there are even now battling against stress and PTSD. These symptoms have not even spared children, and they are even prone to having strong stressful emotions caused due to COVID-19. Our government decisions like social distancing and locking us inside our homes might have helped break the chain of transmission but have increased loneliness and anxiety. This article would help you cope with stress in a healthy way to make you and the people you love stress-free and resilient.

There have been numerous adverse side effects of stress:

  • Constantly surrounded by the feeling of stress, hunger, sadness, numbness, and frustration.
  • Being fatigued, loss in energy drive, desires, and interests.
  • Feeling clueless and not able to make decisions. 
  • Insomnia and vague decision-making. 
  • Physical symptoms like pain, skin rashes, body aches, etc.
  • Deteriorating of chronic health conditions.
  • Deteriorating of mental health conditions.
  • Finding it extremely hard to quit smoking, alcohol use, etc.

However, it’s all-natural to feel stress out during this COVID-19 pandemic. But things start going out of hands when such episodes occur more frequently. Below we have listed some of the major causes of such episodes and how to overcome them. 

Effective and Proven Way to Cope with Stress

We recommend taking short naps or breaks in between work, watching television, reading books, or listening to movies to avoid boredom.  It’s good to be informed and updated with any recent development but avoid watching too much news. When they start to frustrate you, it’s best to avoid it as then, it might be upsetting.

Pay close attention to what your body is trying to tell you

  • Meditate as it improves your understanding.
  • A balanced and healthy meal is the key.
  • Exercise more often.
  • Try not to be sleep-deprived.

Give yourself personal space. By this, we mean that it’s at times best to give yourself a me-time or do only things you want to happen in your life.

Helping Others Cope

In this pandemic, Josh Gibson MD scholarship gives a window to breathe by providing monetary support to the brilliant students, providing them a better state of mind and stress-free environment. Once you develop a habit of liking and loving yourself, the more you would be willing to help others. During times like the present, social distancing might have physically separated us, but it’s equally important for us to be connected mentally. Helping and caring for others through video calls or calls would mean one less person will feel stressed out.

Final Words

In the end, we only expect that one needs to come out of this phase as soon as possible as the more you tend to stick with it, the more you start finding and developing your solace in it. With the tips mentioned above, you can get rid of the stress that might be building inside of you and lead a healthy life in this tragic phase.