Would it be fantastic if you can convert cold traffic into sales in an instant? Think about all the money that you spend on ads and countless emails you send. If you are looking for strategies to improve your sales to be able to realise a better return on investment, how about investing in excellent copywriting skills. In this article, learn from the ‘Warren Buffet’ of sales. The king of conversion, on what it takes to develop copies that sell like crazy. 

Meet Justin Goff, a serial entrepreneur, speaker and coach. He is what people refer to as an ‘accidental entrepreneur’. He ventured into business because of a gambling debt he had in college. Now, he is a multi-million entrepreneur who has made fortunes by venturing in marketing and learning how to make copies that sell. He has started over four ventures, and thanks for copywriting, these businesses continue to generate millions of dollars for him. Currently, Justin is working with big brands to help them convert their offers on cold traffic. He also runs a Copy Accelerator program where he teaches apprentices how to excel in copywriting. Here are the top four strategies for conversion that you can learn from Justin.

Understand Your Customers’ Perspective

 While as a seller, you are looking at increasing revenues and boosting the credibility of your brand, buyers, on the other hand, are looking for value and satisfaction from product or services. Copywriters must, therefore, design copies that seek to answer customers’ questions. They must pursue to appeal, inform and inspire clients in their decision-making process. Justin notes that the title of your copy is a make or break in the client’s face. An essential factor is to avoid complicated and confusing headlines and content that is hard to understand. Make it as easy as possible for people to appreciate your content, and that way, you will easily win their attention and influence their buying decisions. 

Make It A Habit To Do Proper Research

Justin Golf knows the value of taking the time to understand who the target audience is. He goes to great lengths to understand the target segments’ interests, aspirations and buying behaviours. Successful copywriters will have in mind a full picture of who the reader is as they design and develop their copies. If you don’t understand your customers’ you are probably going to create content that falls on dead walls. Justin says, ‘copywriting is just salesmanship in print.’ So in copywriting, do more of the understanding than telling. 

 Appeal To People’s Emotions Through Content

It is common for consumers of goods or services to base their buying decisions on emotional other than logical reasoning. Justin Golf believes that success in copywriting is achievable through the writer’s ability to appeal to the emotional side of the consumer. Use of powerful emotional triggers like love, fear, value, and belonging will go a long way in influencing the clients in their buying decisions. One way of doing this is by use of stories, common audience language, as well as choosing words that trigger emotions. 

Adopt A Systematic Marketing Strategy

Like in any sale process, a good copy idea bears the marks of a good marketing strategy. The time tested AIDA approach is applicable even forl marketing copies. Attracts the attention of the reader or customer, triggers sufficient interest in the products or service, creates a strong desire and finally makes a call to action. When Justin started marketing, he did not know much about Facebook ads or even how websites work. He tried and tested different approaches to find what works. Now, he can attest that having a proper marketing strategy is at the core of copywriting. The key is to ensure that your copywriting strategy aligns with your overall marketing strategy. That way, you can have a coherent message and avoid confusing the audience. 

Justin Golf is available to propel your business technology to a higher level by supporting in your marketing efforts. You can also tap from his expertise and experience in the field to improve your sales, Justin will train you to be an accomplished copywriter and advance your career in the copywriting business. Connect with him here