One of the greatest challenges facing those of us who have set out to accomplish new goals, manifest a new dream, or start ticking items off of the bucket list, is our inability to stop focusing on the past. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to keep your vibration high and positive when your brother-in-law’s remarks last Thanksgiving creep into your head. There you are, repeating your positive affirmations as you drift off to sleep when, before you know it, you’re thinking about what you should’ve said to your co-worker last week when she pulled rank on you.

What’s happening here is that the energetic cords that have formed between you and that person or situation are literally holding you back. Energetic cords form with every person you meet and with every situation that you hold a space for. Energetic cords aren’t all bad; if you’re lucky, most of these cords lift you. Cords to your partner, your children, your passions—these are all energy-providing cords that feed your soul and keep you in alignment with your truth. When you are using the Law of Attraction to manifest more good things, your intentions are creating new energetic cords that will serve you and put you in alignment with your new truth.

But when you use your emotional space for relationships and situations that no longer serve you and are not aligned with who you know you were meant to be, it is time to cut the energetic cords that are holding you back.

One of the greatest tools you have at your disposal to sever these ties is the “cord cutting“ meditation process. If you find yourself rehashing past conversations, wishing certain things never happened or you just can’t move forward on something new because of this one person or this particular situation, cord cutting is going to release you in incredible ways. Once you have “cut the cord,” you will be in the position you need to be focused on your visualization, affirmations, and intentions for your new truth and what you want to manifest.

It’s important to remember that cord cutting is not necessarily going to remove the person or the job from your life. What you are doing is cutting off the energetic ties—those that are negative or have a negative affect on you. We do this so that new, higher vibration energetic cords can form. The result will be whatever is for your greatest good. 

Cord cutting process

To cut the energetic cords between you and another person or situation, follow these set-up steps:

  • Find a peaceful spot and think about what repeating thoughts are holding you back. This will bring to mind individuals or situations with whom you need to sever the cords.
  • Write out on paper why you need to release that cord, how it’s not serving you, and what this cord is preventing you from. Dedicate a sentence or two to what value that person or situation has for you as well: perhaps lessons you learned or the positive aspects of that relationship that actually do serve you. You can even write it in the form of a letter to that person. This is going to help set the vision for your cord cutting meditation.

Start the meditation: 

  1. Take several deep cleansing breaths.
  2. Call upon your inner guide, your spirit guide, God, or Universal source to assist you in cutting these cords.
  3. Now imagine that person or that situation in front of you. If it’s a job, for example, come up with a symbol for that job, such as the company logo.
  4. Notice all the cords connecting you together. They may be thick or thin, there may be one or there may be multiple cords. They may be stemming from your heart, from the crown of your head, or connecting you solar plexus to solar plexus; whatever comes up in your vision are the true energetic cords.
  5. With that person clearly into your mind’s eye, verbally repeat what you wrote down in the prior exercise. Communicate why the connection no longer serves you and that the cutting of the cord is for your greater good and for a healthy relationship or positive memories moving forward.
  6. Now visualize a cutting tool. It might be a giant scissor or a knife. You are holding that tool, and your spirit guide is helping you. Visualize severing each cord that connects you to the person.
  7. Once the cord or cords are gone, express love and honor to the other person and imagine a beautiful glowing energy emanating from your heart chakra out to the other person. Hold that vision for a few moments and notice how beautiful it feels to be sharing that loving energy with the other person.
  8. Now take a few more deep breaths and slowly come back to your physical reality.

You can follow the guided meditation audio below:


Your results are likely to be immediate. You may feel lighter, you may feel happier, but you will most definitely feel a new sense of freedom!

Remember that cutting the cords does not have to mean that the person disappears from your life. The cord-cutting process is simply releasing you from the past, from your ego’s inability to let go, and from unhealthy thoughts that are preventing you from manifesting your dreams.


  • Mary Petto

    Author of "The Family Guide to the Law of Attraction" and motivational speaker

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    Mary Petto, author of The Family Guide to the Law of Attraction, is a sought-after private coach and transformational speaker. Her presentations consistently result in immediate feedback from her audiences of miraculous manifestations and completely transformed relationships.  Whether her clients are looking for romance, sales and business success, or better grades at school, Mary’s message is: Everyone has the power to create the reality they want to experience.