The Corona Virus has changed the world. It is the first universal crisis that has affected everyone across the board. The world is clearly going to be divided into pre-Corona and post-Corona world. For better. For worse. Time will well. 

The Corona Virus is an opportunity! 

The Corona Virus is an opportunity to reiterate the commitment to customers. It is a natural reaction to safeguard one’s own existing business. But can you think about the customer’s business? What challenges are they facing? How can you ensure that their business is not affected? Can the teams ensure business as usual? The customer will notice all the actions that an organisation will take for living the promises and delivering value. And will you go beyond? How will the customer’s business change due to the crisis? How can you help them? It can help you identify new opportunities but win the long-term respect of the customer. 

The Corona Virus is an opportunity to innovate. The status quo is the enemy of innovation in many organizations. The crisis is the best time to challenge the status quo. The crisis is the time to go to the drawing board and think of new ideas and new business models. Corona Virus has opened up time and resources for many organizations. Make the most of the same. 

The Corona Virus is an opportunity to redefine the business. Digital ready business will have an advantage over the traditional businesses and push the overall digital agenda across all organizations including public services. Digital, healthcare, telecom etc. are the obvious winners in the short term. But all businesses will have to think of the post Corona business situation and prepare – the ones that will adapt will thrive! 

The Corona Virus is an opportunity to win and re-engage with employees. The relentless pursuit of execution excellence often blinds an organization to the people behind the success. The organisational hierarchies, systems and work pressure often adds to the distance. This is the perfect time to find the human hearts behind the employees. How an organization will treat the employees in this period will determine the success of the organization for a long time to come. How the organization will protect their interests will speak volumes about the ethics of the organisation. And the organizations that will go beyond the realm of legal compliance and money and stand together with the employees will buy long term loyalty and respect. 

The Corona Virus is an opportunity to connect to the family. Many are not used to spending lot of time with family members. After the initial awkwardness, people will discover the simple pleasures of family life – cooking with kids, fun of dancing together, exploring a hobby or reliving the journey – many things that usually take a backseat in the busy life. Celebrate what makes you click as a family. Create a family value chart and write the family history. Create a new ritual or do something totally crazy. Lack of time is usually the biggest culprit for any relationship breakdown – now that you have time, make it count!

The Corona Virus is an opportunity to prepare for the future of living. The remote workplace and digital lifestyle has got its biggest boost with the Corona Virus induced lockdown. How we work, how we live, how we learn, how we stay healthy, how we grow – all this will determine the template for future.  

The Corona Virus is an opportunity for each and every nation to show its crisis management skills and the empathic care of its citizens. The national health system and the entire government machinery will have to adopt extremely agile thinking and coordinated execution. It is an opportunity to test continual of delivery of the essential services and protect critical infrastructure while facing a contagion crisis.  

The Corona Virus is an opportunity for the world to invest in universal and global healthcare goals. Corona Virus has shown that no country can work in isolation. It is a perfect time for collaboration between countries to think of the long-term solution for medical issues. Research funding needs to be accelerated along with investment in local and grassroot delivery infrastructure. The Corona Virus provides an opportunity to think about how to prevent the next crisis? And understand where the world failed in current crisis’ prediction and what was learnt? 

The Corona Virus is an opportunity to invest in self. The ‘always-on’ mode leaves with us limited time for self. The ‘someday’ activities and passion projects keep on piling up. This is the perfect time to take up those pending projects. Take an online course or learn a new skill. Prepare for the next stage of career growth. Take an obituary test or challenge yourself for a 21-day habit change. Prepare the bucket list. Paint your dreams. Create smart goals for the lockdown time.  

The Corona Virus is an opportunity to give. Many of us are in privileged positions. Except for being confined to our homes, we do not suffer major hardships. But there are millions whose daily livelihood is affected. Closure of schools affects the kids who depended on their daily meals in the schools. Senior citizens are struggling. Children are neglected. Offer help to the medical fraternity, government officials and their families. Help the less privileged brethren. Give time, energy, thought and financial help for the less fortunate ones. There never has been a perfect time to give. Give, give, give. 

Corona has changed the world and we still do not the full impact yet! Be positive and look at the bright side. Everyone will emerge better, stronger and faster – together!

Image: Marc Olivier Jodoin