But this, too, shall pass just like the flu. I choose not to panic like so many who come out of grocery stores with what’s left of the toilet paper. The stores will stock more. The fear that has swept our nation and the world speaks of something much more profound.

People are fearful.

One person panics and evokes fear in another who, in turn, spreads fear to others. That’s how it happens. And the media certainly doesn’t help keep you calm!

Staying away from TV is one way to help. Find a source online that gives you the updates, but DO NOT binge watch the news all day! All you really need to know is that there’s a flu-like bug going around and that you need to keep your hands clean.

Of course, be smart about being in crowds and work from home if you can. If you work in the hospital, you already know what to do with sanitation and wearing masks. Don’t be lazy about practicing good hygiene. It takes more time, but these are habits we should be working on anyway.

Next, go one step farther and schedule some relaxation in your day. Meditating on God’s word, deep breathing, taking a hot bath, or just lying down with your eyes closed (if you’re not a mid-day napper) can do wonders for your cortisol level. It’s a good idea to continue this habit even after the Corona Virus hype is over.

Constant worry increases your cortisol level, stress, and weight! We want less of the effects of cortisol, not more.

Practice gratefulness! Many studies prove that to be thankful for what you have and for others produces peace and well-being.

So pray for the vaccine to come out, that this virus will cease, and don’t panic. This, too, shall pass.