#Weekly Prompt

I heard Mr President announce immediate lockdown & isolation. I understood it’s urgency, it’s necessity. I knew it was gonna save all of my family, my grandparents, my brother, my sister, my mother, my nephew, my niece and my community. I was grateful and I thought, thank you Mr President. Mr president meant that I should care for my child and keep him home safe, away from this cruel thing.

Me knowing adults of this world, their tendencies, our tendencies, I wondered, I worried, I felt my heart disagree with my mind when I think of my baby, my daughter. My mind said yes to national lockdown, it was a #Commonsense issue. On the other hand, my heart screamed NO! for the sake of my child. Our little children, all of them. Their safety in our hands. Corona why choose our children?

It’s not an excuse but I knew before first day of #Lockdown it was not a favourable move for our children. 

I’m a parent and my daughter is not safe with me. We are parents and our children are not safe with us. I thought how can they trust us with our children when they know that there are no teachers to report to?

When they say we must rush home and hide our children; protect them so the virus does not find them, I ran home. I was relieved to find them healthy. I hugged her with love, she held me tighter melting in my arms. 

Children are not allowed to run up and down the streets because the enemy is nigh. They take their game to the floor; the kitchen floor as we sit in the house we realise that for the first time there’s no teacher to help us raise our child.

This may be my opportunity… so I take off his underwear and violate him. I’m not foolish, I know the courts go very slow for few month so I rape my child my daughter.

I heard on News that my brother too keep himself busy by raping his boy; at least I’m not alone. Although this thing is heavy in my heart each time I remember it, I still go on. My neighbour too. My uncle too. We law enforcement is occupied with #Coronavirus.

Ok, I’m an adult, a parent and Coronavirus makes me rape my child if they remembered our national truth they wouldn’t have locked you down with me. Dancing with virus out there is better than things I do to you in your “safe” home my hands.

If they knew the reason I’m always not home. The reason I’m always drinking or hanging out with the boys. The reason your mother has spent years calling herself a single mother. I was running away from raping you. 

I don’t know where it comes from but truth be told this stupid virus is our children’s inconvenience. No! Their nightmare. Their death.

When will this #Covid19 subside? May be it will be then that they release my daughter and my son and all the children from us  raping them?

Coronavirus, I blame you, you are a Coward.. You are guilty you are too strong, too poisonous, too contagious and contaminating but you do it all but fail to stop guardians from violating their children. You defiled my daughter, you defiled my brother’s son too.


Please safe the children of this world from us first. Then the lockdown will be more efficient.

How they trust