How many of you are reading this post right now because the title ignited a bit of fear, stress, and panic in you?

My guess would be most of you.  I purposely crafted it this way because I wanted to drive you to read me.  Not because I have an interest in adding to the sounding alarms and blaring trumpets that we are incessantly waking up to as a result of the onset of the Coronavirus, but because I don’t. 

How does mentally and emotionally lowering your resistance at the hands of my words, help you to increase the health and strength of your own immune system?  It doesn’t.

What it does do is increase the possibility of your getting the Coronavirus given you come in contact with it.  It also increases media ratings and volatility in the marketplace.  The collective good in that lies where, I must ask?

If any of you have a reasonable answer send it my way.  Personally, I’ve never known fear, stress, or panic to help or combat any problem, big or small, especially when on a global scale. 

Currently, we are all victims of the Coronavirus.  It is consuming our headlines, our minds, and all rationale, with seemingly half (or more) of the U.S. population stocking up on perishables and building shelters underground and the other, determinedly trying to bring sense and calm back into play.  This is exceedingly important because, beyond the benefits experienced at home, what plays on the American stage will also begin to play on the international stage in many cases.

Not to minimize the situation in any way, but the fact is, we’ve been through things like this before and human beings?  We are still here…and I doubt that reality has anything to do with those succumbing to pure panic-mode mind you, yesterday or today.

A word to the wise, “Calm down, everyone, before we become more an enemy to our own survival than the actual virus, itself.” 

If you really want to protect yourself and others, listen to the advice of the professionals (because that is why we have them in place to begin with), use common sense as much as possible, and don’t get caught up in the drama nor crazy.

The sooner we get a hold of ourselves, the better for everyone.  Do your part. 

And remember, not unlike the one above, headlines and hearsay (even those well-intentioned) have a job to do beyond just keeping you informed.  Don’t get rattled by them, rather optimize the opportunity for the best of all outcomes by keeping your head about you going forward.  As you calm down, so will the rest of the world.  

It is within this environment that the best of all possible solutions can be found and the least of all detrimental secondary and residual effects cometh.