Impact of social distancing is creating more thoughtful alliances; filling emotional gaps and also the economic gaps; the world never designed to stay still, spin it must, the mankind never designed to stay isolated, mingle we must. Since Biblical times, 40 days of isolation always created miracles of sorts, now in our simultaneously synchronized isolation across the planet some billion minds seeking local, global bridges of common thoughts while arches of technology connecting billions of minds at fascinating ease on complex problem solving uplifting performance, productivity, and profitability. This earth shattering historic pause will further bring after-shocks for all at all levels. The new world of economic development s and work-styles unfold… embrace change

The difficult questions and challenges:

The Definition of work; why replacing “manpower” with “mentalpower” work?  Since before time our civilization labeled most work, light or laborious as ‘manpower’ brutalized in our last stack-chimney industrial revolution, glorified in modern time as HR placed it on pedestal and governments used as key measurements of Gross Domestic Products. Now the third decade of the third millennium when technologies and advanced level artificial intelligence are overtaking a calls for a major shift calling human contribution of work to ‘mentalpower’ and new standards of measuring human-productivity.

Why is Futurism so workless? Just check-out global trends on displaced workers, how all over the world, mobilization of self-replicating artificial intelligence in multiple-propagation mode will snatch all complex office work from human and leave them outside office towers to feed pigeons. In reality, simple or complex, processing of transactions of sorts and organizing information to make senior decisions are no longer executive roles; now left for smart systems. Big hands needed for milking cows replaced by agile fingers to do typing. Being out of office-procedures is a blessing, free from 9-5 routines a gift but being creatively engaged on complex problem solving from whatever habitats is where the new economic frontiers hidden. The downtown core real estate models of the world now challenged.

 We are not supposed to out run a car, but design better cars. Seriously questionable are now the national policies abandoning upskilling, reskilling, lifelong learning, critical thinking and complex problem solving. The boat missed, when for decades the corporate world assumed high costs educational institutions took care of this or the free YouTube lessons provided such nourishment.

When workless and officeless future starts becoming a global reality such monstrous issues bifurcates into our collective living needs of economical survival and our individual needs of our own mental advancements. Suddenly the unfolding world needs more upskilling and reskilling to reach higher grounds on performance over installing elevators to downtown skyscrapers, now cubical or corner-offices are new liabilities.

When an economy always needs mouth-to-mouth resuscitation from ‘punch-drunk-consumerism’ to stay alive, a breathalyzer test is critical. Now, economy on couch seeking nursing needs new models of office working as remotely connected armies managing 100 million SME of the world.  This calls for national level debates and discussions and bringing all trade groups, Chambers of Commerce, Trade Associations and National Leaderships under one digital umbrella. The multi trillion dollar stimulus and global awakening on SME with USD$350 billion in funding in USA are game changers. Canada, UK, Europe, are all aggressively supporting small medium businesses…finally.

Enters Coronavirus; checking the national pulse of economy,nation by nation, behind virus economic meltdowns, behind meltdowns, human toil and behind each dead body hymns craving for truth, Coronavirus leading us to crossroads of humanistic thinking, when pain slowly becomes enlightenment.

The silent and uncelebrated deaths of the millions will not go in vain; transformed, as new thinking their last unheard whispers will raise in unison for better good, in time grow loud hymns of glory, helping mankind.

The isolated deaths of the isolated; pain of not able to hold the loved ones for the last time will bind us all together. Prisoners in our own habitat, asking questions, some forbidden, our own isolation now a global movement of biblical proportions, we rise as victims of the departed souls with united thinking to solve our mankind’s problems with mankind’s solutions as the new paths unfold…

The globally connected 5 billion alpha dreamers are getting ready for better economic systems with tolerance, equality and diversity… rain of almost free technology will grow new thinking and change us all forever.