Experts are saying it could take a year to get this virus under control. These are signs that we must start doing things differently — especially with everything to do with human relations. Human connections are broken and we must learn to correct them.

Why is Nature Doing This To Us?

There have always been, and always will be be good and bad forces in the world. We must learn to build our better future between them, by balancing the positive against the negative.

Millions of people die every day through violence, accidents and diseases — it doesn’t really concern us. But since the spreading of this virus highlights how interdependent we are — we are all paying close attention.

Let us understand how this is part of a process humanity is going through to ultimately connect in the right way. This is about us reaching a higher state of consciousness.

If all of humanity was connected correctly — we wouldn’t reach a crisis of this magnitude. And there will be other major crises ahead of us.

We need to learn how to build good relations between people, so that no virus can knock us down this way.

“By attracting the positive force in nature, we reveal the negative egoistic force opposite it, and the awakening of both forces gives rise to a higher and more supreme force, a new level of connection where perfection and balance is sensed.” Michael Laitman

Kindness. Connection. Purpose.

Through our enhanced human connection, we will discover the upper force of nature — we will feel it operating on us.

When we start to treat each other with kindness — we will begin to feel an additional element in this good flow between us — the upper force.

Once the change gets underway we’ll realize that it didn’t really come from us. But rather, how there is a force operating between us that caused us to change our behavior.

Suddenly, we will want to connect nicely together. Where does this feeling come from? These forces are awakened in us in a hidden manner, and then the upper force is revealed.

When we begin to treat one another with kindness, the entire process is revealed to us. How we were awakened so that we would initiate a necessary process for our development.

Then we will not return to our limited and sad existence of living from one virus to the next until we die. But rather, we will feel our life as eternal and perfect.

Is There A Point To The Suffering?

All these blows come to help us arrange the correct relations between us. So that we’ll feel ourselves operating in one format. Operated by the good forces in nature, rather than by our ego. The closer we get to good relations between us, we will feel less blows from nature.

What Needs Fixing? The Human Ego

There is no other cure against these pandemics. The more we advance in our egoistic development, the more we will understand how interdependent we really are. How our ego extends around the globe.

We are already a single, and uniform egoistic system. The time has come to correct it. So it is perfectly natural for us to be getting these reactions from nature at this stage in our development.

If we don’t learn our lesson from these events and correct our relations, these blows will come in the form of world wars and other disasters. This is how nature operates.

Our good future depends on our good relations. How can we get there? Let us begin by minimizing our ego slightly in our demands of one another.

Love Thy Neighbor As Yourself

We must rise above all our differences and connect. Israel has the method for that. This virus and blows are for us to see how small and sad we are. How we can’t get along in our global world. There is nothing left to do except deal with our ego. We are each looking out for ourselves, but don’t understand that in this, we are actually preparing the next round of suffering.

We spend billions on weapons and cannot even use them. So what’s the point? Why can’t all those resources be used in a way that truly benefits humanity? Because our egos are directed toward the self, rather than the common good.

The Real Virus

We must recognize that the real virus we need to deal with is how badly we treat others. We all do what’s good for our own interests, and this usually involves taking advantage of others. If we don’t find a cure, we will either be totally lost or suffering endlessly.

So on the one hand, nature wants to show us how egoistic we are; how isolated we are one from the other. On the other hand, nature is demonstrating how dependent we are on each other.

We will need to decide that we can no longer exist this way. As more countries are added to the list we’ll see how no matter how much we disregard one another — we’re connected through nature.

There will never be enough bad for humanity to say ENOUGH, but good can be revealed against it. And from the good, humanity will understand what it needs to do. We will need the good force, to know how to create balance.

Between the good and bad forces, we always have a choice to attract the natural positive force in nature to balance the two. This is where we can rebuild our ideal life between them.

Humanity has already discovered the bad force that we all carry in us, and now we need to understand that we’re missing the good force to counter-balance it. We are not even aware that such a thing exists, and what it would mean to have the positive work against the negative.

Finding A Balance

If we don’t balance the two forces of nature — the negative and positive forces, nature will continue to bring bigger blows until we really understand the importance of balancing the two. We humans are at the highest level of the system— the speaking level, which is above nature. We are capable of balancing positive and negative forces. We can exist between these two opposite forces in a balanced way.

We must start rising above our limited ego by educating ourselves about how to be balanced. The time has come for us to learn the principles so we can live between the two forces in harmony, and share this insight with the world.