Coronavirus is causing a major educational shift

We all know how Coronavirus has brought drastic changes in the demography of various sectors and industries. On one side when some businesses have totally gone on a shutdown mode, the other side some sectors are evolving and adopting the path of technology. One such sector is educational, where teachers are totally relying on technology to deliver live online classes, courses and assessments.

Conventional classrooms have shifted to online mode with E-Learning platform

The first change that swept away the void of COVID-19 spread was switching of conventional classes to online class mode. Since long E-Learning has existed in the educational ecosystem but now it has got a full blown recognition when no alternative is left.

Earlier few teachers used it as an option and many of them never even considered shifting to this method of lending instructions. There were many reasons for avoidance from the end of teachers some of which are-

  • Lack of exposure towards tech-tools
  • Lack of proper knowledge on how to use it
  • Lack of internet availability and digital devices
  • Misconceptions related to software pricing and integration

With the emergence of Coronavirus, teachers had to overcome all of these lags and get back to teaching using all together a new platform. Many E-Learning providers have come forward in mean time to provide teaching platforms that are cost-effective, easy to integrate and are also compatible with mobile phones and laptops.

Online exam software has become the only solution to conduct exams

Learning is incomplete without tests. Now that schools have been closed for indefinite time, teachers are just not willing to waste their student’s efforts and are up for all forms of educational technology to get the wheels of learning in action, as always.

Online exam software has turned out to be an efficient resource for conducting exams that to on a regular basis. Now all those teachers who once thought that online exams lacked authenticity finally know that it is equally effective. Also, the benefits of online proctoring has emerged during this time which is the best way to ensure cheat proof assessments.

Online course creating platforms

Educators have found a new way to make proper use of their lockdown time by creating and selling online courses. Such platforms are enriched with high-tech features that give teachers the option to connect with students across the globe and sell their courses in a huge marketplace. It has got a user-friendly interface that lets the teachers create courses using variety of question types and formatting features. Not just this, the teachers also get the scope of establishing their own website and creating a whole market presence that too at cost-effective prices.

Formative tests have been switched with instant online quizzes created by online quiz maker

Time and again every teacher has conducted formative tests daily or weekly. They already know how beneficial t is and that there is no chance of ditching on them when it comes to getting an insight on the classroom learning growth. Well the requirement is yet the same and teachers are still conducting formative tests but now with a twist.

Variety of online quiz makers have been circulating in the ed-tech market since long but now they are coming to optimum use. In the mean time teachers have learned that learning and assessments have to be engaging only after which they can get the best out of students.

Online quiz maker is a tool that gives plethora of options to create variety of quizzes. Timed quiz, graded quiz, certificate based quiz, open ended quizzes and so…can be crated without any hassle by using online quiz creating tools.


Even when this time is difficult and we are all coping to keep up with our everyday routine under such circumstances, many things have also happened for the good. For instance, the educational sector has finally evolved. Since long this was the need of the hour but the teachers were too resistant to adopt any new teaching methods. Finally online exam software and E-Learning platform have got the much awaited recognition and we hope that teachers would not just discard this improvement once the situation gets back to normal.