How critical thinkers and complex problem solvers of the world have already started mobilizing their untapped and hidden talents on suddenly turned normal virtual global meetings to shine on global stage, creating opportunities for themselves and also for their participants.

Some Serious Questions: New worlds of virtual remote working have opened up due to the prolonged Coronavirus pandemic, changing far away or close-by meetings forever. Such open acceptance once only available to global players and their major corporate jet-set executives around the globe as they stayed connected with each other, now optimized for all.

In simultaneous synchronization across world this extremely rare global event created a formidable shift for the already connected five billion Alpha Dreamers of the world, slowly changing the global mind share for better advancements.

Now a new standard; What will be the dramatic impact when at all hierarchical levels virtual meetings create quality dialogue with high productivity at fascinating ease? How fast will it create new working opportunities for billion at crossroads of employments at grassroots levels and how will they create balanced small-medium business economy in this process? How soon not going to office will become accepted as routine? How soon will downtown cores crowded on 9-5 models or become tourist’s attractions only?  

New Peace of Mind: In practicality, our unstoppable rains of almost free technologies pouring connectivity solutions grabbed by displaced tech savvy populace compounded by millions of small medium businesses slowly becoming grassroots prosperity centers.  Remote working thinking is a new wake-up call for two billion office workers of the world; virtual remote working is icing on cake, most have used remote working once or twice, but never as a serious global test in confinements lasting 100 days or more. This virtual process of face to face dialogue will also provide a new peace of mind and stabilize anxiety and stress.

Who is ready to explore?  How national mobilization of entrepreneurialism on platform economies can uplift local grassroots prosperity, provided there are motivated trade-groups, Chambers of Commerce, Trade Associations under umbrella anxious to play on these AI centric digitally advanced and globally friendly local-global market-places. This is a new world.

Who is ready to debate? How to debate serious local community issues juxtaposed with major national/global economic issues? How opportune it is now to showcase special skills; coordination, skills and art of sharing knowledge from own habitats?  Is this a rare combination of time for upskilling and uplifting on critical thinking and complex problem solving? How such long slow moving confinement periods profitably optimized with maximum use of creative remote working as short-term strategy with long term benefits? High level virtually streaming debates with local participation needed.

Where is the national agenda? Can a nation declare top priority to discover its hidden and untapped talents of their citizenry? Can it demonstrate superior skills to mobilize small and medium businesses across the nation? Can it adopt continuous self-learning to foster occupational superiority for the nation? Can it isolate trade-wars and prioritize internal skills-wars as national upskilling agenda? 
Can it create national debates and bring trade-groups all under one umbrella?

How improve upskilling and reskilling of the working citizenry of a nation?
Nations are already flooded with massive innovations, but lack massive commercialization due to untapped entrepreneurialism. Nations have over certifications and degrees but seriously lack business directions due to lack of skills and related experiences. Nations have empty incubators and exhausted accelerators like real estate projects as nature of the model of business. Nations have random economic development programs but often without mega punch because global age demands are very different now. Focused and timely Round-tables and Cabinet Level discussions are always good starting points.

How to deploy massive upskilling, reskilling million small medium businesses and women entrepreneurs across any nation;

The deployment methodologies; Once, local communities, Chamber of Commerce and National Trade Associations arrive under one umbrella on such digital platforms of upskilling, reskilling and exportability with operational protocols the new thinking starts. Identify potential small and midsize enterprises within a region or a nation, and create a national agenda to quadruple their performance on innovative excellence and exportability.  Deploy National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism Protocols on digital platform by showcasing of national hidden talents of working citizenry while upskilling and reskilling on innovative excellence and exportability.

The benefits for working citizenry; Mobilization creates confidence with a sense of direction and realization of their own untapped potentials, while down streaming at each individual level and up-streaming to create new value with solutions and creating activity on digital platforms.

Fact: The world can easily absorb unlimited exportable ideas in unlimited vertical markets. Fact: The well-designed innovative ideas are worthy of such quadrupled volumes. Fact: The entrepreneurial and dormant talents of a nation are capable of such tasks. Fact: The new global age skills, knowledge and execution are now the missing links

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