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Midlife career change – use intentions as energy

Do you believe that our thoughts can have a positive impact on our success? If you are among the most skeptical ones, read this. Numerous researches showed a correlation between our intentions and thoughts to the physical world. A recent study performed proved the following. ‘Tea “treated” with good intentions actually improved the mood of those who drank it’.

Think about it for a minute. In Coronavirus time, what are your actual beliefs and thoughts about your midlife career change? Do you feel its impossibility? Do you fear that the crisis time might bring a negative impact? Or do you strongly believe you can do what you truly want to do? Do you think the whole universe is maneuvering for you to achieve it, even this crisis time?

Let’s look deeper into it. How to bring your highest success to your midlife career change project? By changing a few simple ways of thinking.

Midlife career change – your high vibration vs. low vibration

Our thoughts and intentions can have profound effects on the world around us. In the above example, sending love and energy to a warm cup of tea can actually improve the mood of someone who drinks it.

These are what we call higher vibrational energies. The higher the vibration is, the higher its frequency and the more ethereal it becomes.

Think about your midlife career change. Positive thoughts that bring higher vibrations are such as:

  • The Coronavirus crisis has an impact on the global economy. But it will also create new types of activities and jobs of the future. These might suit my aspiration
  • Crisis and opportunities are both sides of the coin. It’s the same for today’s crisis.
  • Contrasts are valuable in bringing positive changes, including for me.
  • I deserve to work on an amazing project that I am truly passionate about.
  • The company I attract will support my lifestyle and I can truly be myself while earning a great income

Maintain confidence in yourself. Believe that even in a crisis situation, you deserve a meaningful career change. And most of all, this crisis is bringing positive changes afterward in many aspects. This affirmation helps you not to choose a career because you are in need. But because it is the one that reflects authentically who you are.

On the contrary, low vibrational intentions are fear, anxiety, and stress. They can impact the way how the physical world is responding to us. Be mindful about thoughts such as:

  • With the Coronavirus, I should limit my expectation. I must try to remain in my job, even I am not fulfilled anymore
  • The crisis will have a negative impact on me.
  • I should not go for a midlife career change. It is impossible in crisis time

Succeed my midlife career change in crisis time

It is like any other life endeavor in a crisis time. Maintaining high vibration and a strong mental state is essential for success. For a midlife career change, create positive energy. Let’s see a few ideas for a healthy and positive body and mind during this particular time.

  1. Make use of foods and beverages that can help raise your energetic frequency: Springwater, Herbal tea, Honey, Raw chocolate, Fresh fruits, Seeds, Nuts, Rice
  2. Keep contact with nature (sunlight, plants), and use sound therapy to keep a distance from worrying news and chaotic ambiance
  3. Use strong affirmations and “can do” attitude for your midlife career change (see above)
  4. Be mindful of your intentions. Choose to succeed your midlife career change through positive attitude. Be compassionate to yourself and the world

Your midlife career change will see a positive bound…

The Coronavirus crisis makes you more uncertain and anxious than ever in your midlife carer change? Have you tried out the above simple tips to maintain positive energy and mental states?

This may not change your situation on the spot. But you can easily see positive reflection in the short term. Through the relationsip with your boss, or your colleagues. You will certainly feel that in your next job interviews. With the type of energy and vibration you carry, your life and career will see a positive bound. Sometimes miraculously.

Try them today?

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