The world is going through a very interesting phase of development, perhaps the most fascinating in human history. Without getting into specific dates (I was never great at history), the general trend is that the world is shrinking. The world has become a global village. Once upon a time it would take a messenger months, or even years to pass on a message. And it wasn’t even clear if he would come back alive. Today you sit in a room in front of screens getting streaming content from a few sources at once. We can access anything with one click.

At the same time our dependency on one another is becoming revealed. Each of us exports and imports things from all over the world, and we’ve become dependent on these shipments arriving to their destination. In such a society we are obligated to think about the significance and implications of these ties we have everywhere — and in a mutual way. Throwing our weight around to try to move any agenda forward will result in conflict, lack of order and growing gaps.

“We are the only part in the system that has the free choice and the ability to balance and leverage the clashes of nature that were intended all along for that specific purpose.”

The global world has closed us in from all sides. We are receiving plenty of signs and opportunities to suit ourselves to the new stage. Of course social processes take many years, but at this stage we are only talking about agreeing to begin the process of rebuilding the world we live in, when clearly this involves changes we will each have to make in our lives. Up until now the global/social trends and changes came gradually. It started in one place, and spread from there to the rest of the world. Between countries, inside Europe, across all the parts of America and Africa, etc.

Suddenly the coronavirus is determining a new reality that never existed before. It is impacting humanity in a singular and comprehensive way. Since the beginning of time there has never been a situation where all of humanity had to deal with a problem that caused us to all be concerned together.

The coronavirus is still in its initial stages, and we still don’t know or understand where it can develop. But what is clear is that we now have a concern that is common to us all. The coronavirus does not differentiate between classes, titles, region, color, religion, gender or nationality. It treats us all as equals.

So we might as well find some excuse about the randomness of nature, a purging theory, or some other theory that we tell ourselves just to calm us down temporarily. Or, we can finally understand that the world is changing, that we are changing, and that it’s better for us to understand that sooner rather than later. We are changing and at the same time we must begin to collaborate on building our new future.

Nature doesn’t stop communicating with us through melting icebergs, erupting volcanoes, tsunamis, climate change, and more. So if we take into account that nature is the most significant example we have for learning and getting good examples from — we should begin getting examples of a better tomorrow, and actually everything.

Over time we somehow forgot that we are part of nature; that there is a chain of life tying together the still, vegetative and living elements — and especially the speaking part, us.

We are the only part in the system that has the free choice and the ability to balance and leverage the clashes of nature that were intended all along for that specific purpose.

So how can we deal with the coronavirus?

Instantly, by being responsible and following instructions for preventing the virus spreading. And in the future pinpoint a goal and things we have in common around it, and get to work. In any gathering let’s begin by creating a positive force between us, to counteract the revelation of the negative forces in us.

It’s important to note that nothing will really change in the world from a material perspective. The organization, its goals and mission will remain the same. Whoever needs to fly, will take a private plane, etc.

The real change will be between us. Not in any of us individually, but between us. Transforming organizations to develop a common purpose based on mutual trust and respect, is the call of the hour.