Our workplaces consume at least 1/3 of our daily lives, so it’s not a strange thing that even the smallest things going wrong there can make us prone to incredible stress.

If you are a business owner, worker or partner and are facing these problems, you are not alone. The costs of stress related problems are now bulging over $300 billion in the US alone, which is a cause of serious alarm.

And on top of all this, stress can make you cranky and bring imbalance in your personal lives.

Just correcting these 5 Workplace Stressors can bring about a big change in your lives enabling you to experience more peace and calm:

Learning to manage your workload:

There is only a certain amount of work that is humanly possible within a given time span, but due to the scourge of being overly competitive along with inability towards learning to say No when it matters, we continuously keep overburdening ourselves with more and more work.

This habit is incredibly dangerous as it makes us prone to extending our daily work live beyond acceptable limits, putting our health, family and mind on risk.

If you don’t feel like a task is going to fit in your current schedule, say No or request more time to get done with it. Overloading can be easily done away with by communicating on how things can be planned in a better manner through sharing responsibilities or extending timelines.

Experiencing career ambiguity:

In films, a person can become a millionaire or a CEO in a matter of just 2 hours, but our real lives move much, much slower than that pace. We all have gone through phases in lives where we feel like we are going nowhere with our careers. And things like low job security, no knowledge of career advancement and feelings of being outperformed by others can amplify this feeling to an unimaginable extent.

To do away with this, you will need to take out time for yourself and ask whether this is the career you want to see yourself in the next 5 years or not. If the answer is no, start by planning for a switch today, or if the answer is yes, then talk to the management or a counselor on what to expect.

Mentoring also helps a great deal in fighting and overcoming this incredible, stress inducing problem.

Keep learning new things as that can help reduce the stress of going nowhere in your life as well.

Feeling Undervalued:

Everyone loves to be appreciated, but in workplaces, it’s hard to come by and it can be due to a wide variety of factors. But, if an employee is feeling underappreciated, its chances of becoming demotivated with the job along with increased frustration can increase.

If you also feel the same, it’s high time that you start comparing your work with those who are getting the appreciation you want. Our personal evaluation of ourselves is always high but that’s not the case with how other people see us.

To grow more, you need to learn more, same is the case for appreciation.

But if you do have the good work in, but still, appreciation isn’t coming, it’s high time that you revisit your communication strategy as this might be the barrier impeding your work from getting the recognition it deserves.

If people can know what you are working on and how well you are doing it, appreciation will definitely come.

Correcting the small nags:

Most of the time, it’s not the big things but the small ones that create incredible amounts of latent stress, that lie bottled up in your being. Do you have an uncomfortable chair at office which makes your back ache a lot? If yes, then only this has the potential of making you feel worse than anything else can.

Correcting the smallest things at work can bring in highly positive vibes, making you feel a lot less heavy in the chest. Start with this by taking a long hard look around the area in your office where spend most of your time.

Color the walls or put stickers on them if they feel too bland, use a speed check tool to gauge your internet speed, if it’s too low in real, upgrade to better bandwidth, bring in your own water if you think the one available in the office dispense is too cold for your liking.

These small things often are like the pea in princess’s bed, barely noticeable but large enough to make a difference. Correct them to lead a happier and stress free office life.

Report harassment:

We are, by nature, extremely sensitive beings, vulnerable to discomfort and intimation. Being the victim of harassment, even one that feels trivial in nature, can haunt us and make our stress levels go high.

A bad touch to shouting, harassment comes in many forms and taking it on silently is never okay for you. Report it as soon as you experience it and talk about it to a confidant, as leaving this issue unattended can make your life a living hell.

Get support on it from your friends and family and build up your courage to face and defend yourself against it. And if it’s getting too much out of hand, then change your office as soon as possible, because nothing is more important that peace of mind.


These tips can definitely help improve your workplace as well your personal life if you act on them in a proper manner. And while acting on these strategies to reduce the impact of workplace stressors, always keep yourself in a positive frame of mind. Go out often, socialize and exercise, take time out for yourself, learn a new skill and more importantly, learn to find out the root cause of a stressor as soon as it hits you.

The key to your happiness lies within you, so learn to use it and you will be just alright.