Anush Movsesian has been intimately involved in aesthetics for the majority of her life. Her natural understanding of aesthetics combined with the skills and experiences she gained as a cosmetic nurse practitioner for nearly a decade, makes her one of the most sought-after injectors and skin consultants in Los Angeles.  

Confident of career choice

Though the beauty and cosmetic industry is flooded with beauty influencers, cosmetics specialists, and injectors from all backgrounds and skillsets, there are few like Anush Movsesian. Anush has solely focused her entire career path building skills and gaining experience in beauty and aesthetic medicine. She is one of those personalities who has always been fully aware of where she wanted to belong and what she aspired to become; something very few of us can claim to know early on in a career. “When I began this journey over a decade ago, I had this very moment already planned because I knew what I always wanted to do, become an injector and cometic nurse practitioner. There are many great nurses out there, and there are just as many people focused on aesthetics, but there are very few who can skilfully and meticulously merge medicine and aesthetics. This is where I shine, and this is the very ability that sets me apart from the rest within this industry,” says Anush with high self-esteem.

Perception is reality

Anush believes that the power of optics plays integral to an individual’s life; how a person is perceived by the society at large is one of the key factors that help her gain or lose confidence. Though there are many ways to positively impact the life and wellbeing of others, Anush has devoted her life to helping people erase the lines of time from their personalities. “In my case, it is 20cc of botox meticulously injected with the sole purpose of erasing the effect of aging and accentuating the hidden beauty in us all,” mentions Anush. It is widely believed that to make a great career, one must find a common ground between passion and skill. Anush has been one of the lucky ones who has successfully done so. Her passion for aesthetics and her skills as a seasoned nurse stood in good stead to positively impact people’s lives. She mentors aspiring cosmetic nurse practitioners and helps them understand the need to merge their passion and strength to live a happy, healthy, and successful life.

Work and background

Anush is a cosmetic nurse practitioner specializing in aesthetic medicine.  She provides injectables, skin rejuvenating treatments, and skincare consultations. Her goal as an injector is to always deliver natural results to enhance her patient’s inherent beauty and promote healthy glowing skin. By using subtle facial sculpting and creating individualized skincare treatment plans, Anush strives to build self-confidence among men and women of all ages. Combining the science of medicine and the art of aesthetics, she wants to help her patients recognize the first signs of aging and help slow it down or reverse it. 

When Anush is not helping her patients be the better versions of themselves, she is seen spending quality time with her family. She is also a beauty blogger who is an influencer of sorts. Her reviews on beauty products on her Instagram handle, @itsnotaboutinnerbeauty, helps several potential buyers make more informed purchase decisions.