A cosmic earthquake has hit our country (and beyond) and the very foundation of what we base our lives on is rocked.

In this past week, so many of us are being rocked to the core. Shaken up in ways like never before. We are grieving. We are scared, terrified even. We are finding it extremely difficult to find our balance and stay in our centers.

The ground beneath our feet shifted and is trembling.

People I know are scared to leave their homes. Insults and derogatory comments are being hurled on innocent people. Those of us who are light workers are going WTF… How can this be? What is happening? Many of us in New Thought are being derailed and drawn into the muck and mess. We are finding people on both sides of the political arena in our communities with disbelief and dismay.

Those of us who stand for all people; for the environment; for equality and freedom, compassion and kindness are looking and seeing unbelievable things. Things that are incomprehensible to our awakening minds. It’s so far from the way we see the world that it is almost surreal.

Image courtesy of Unsplash

It’s like a great big blanket of hate has been unleashed and somehow people are ok with spewing it.

It is not OK! I weep for those who are in the line of fire. I weep for our children who both are easy targets and susceptible to the bullying. I weep for those afraid to leave their homes; for those who live in fear of their friends and family being targeted.

We’ve seen a rise of this over the past few years, but now — it’s like toxic waste flowing freely.

My husband and I were talking about what to do. He wants to start a new political party and let the current one crumble. If you want to join him, contact me.

For me, it’s closer to home. I stand in solidarity with those who are being oppressed and harrassed. I commit to going outside my comfort zone with the intention of connecting, with a smile, a word or act of kindness. What are you being called to do?

Safety Pins for Solidarity

When the earthquakes come and rumble the ground beneath our feet — when there is no steayd ground to hold on to — what do we do?

We plant our feet firmly on the ground, even as it is shaking, we lift our eyes and see a new day coming! In that looking up, feel in your heart of hearts what is yours do to.

Then, as my friend, Karl Anthony sings — “We Hold the Sky.”

Originally published at www.divine-awakening.org on November 12, 2016.