The universe is a sentient Being, an omnipresent field of pure Life, pure existence with feelings, thoughts and indelible laws which automatically and infallibly with inexorable precision react to our actions.  Human actions have caused global warming, environmental degradation, loss of biodiversity, and ozone depletion. Factors such as excessive deforestation, water contamination, over-consumption and exploitation of natural resources has led to this crisis. If we pollute the air, the water bodies, the earth, the food chain, the entire biosphere, then the earth will send calamities, crises and catastrophes. The pandemic was a red alert signal to warn humanity.

The ecosystem is still in distress. To strengthen our immunity, we are being asked to turn inward. Turn to the power of love, the power of peace, the power of compassion. This is the only power which is inexhaustible. The more we give, the more we have. It is spontaneously replenished because it is the nature of the source of life itself. Every vibration of love, of peace, of harmony we send out into the universe spreads out to touch the farthest reaches of the universe. Every action we do now to help others pass through the challenges and tribulations they are facing will help us collectively to rise to a higher level of global unity. We can save our planet by radiating love, peace, harmony and compassion in our thoughts, words and actions, and thereby sow the seeds for a grander, brighter and more heavenly life on earth.