It may sound “cliché,” the last time you read or heard it but, lets face a bit more than just the facts here, together!

Being an executive or founder are primary focus tends to be on, data and or “quantitative,” results but this subject or topic of “qualitative,” results-which has been and will remain to be a sensitive subject for decades now and years to come. We live in the information age and data is the new oil whether we want to accept it or not;

Thankfully lots of leaders have stepped up to and creating conversation on such topics and working actively to impart wisdom into our generation, whom which I believe to be the greatest in history who has been estimated by 2018 will be carrying “The most spending power of any generation.” (Insert credible data source).

Everything stems first from your state of mind, and or well being-we are all programmed unconsciously and consciously with some patterns rooted deeper than others. 

So there is no room for bias here, also know that my driving personal belief is that you and I, are not defined by our likes, followers, money, material possessions and more but our training, and conditioning at many, a variety at that, of different levels.

This may also be one of my first videos and messages was on what most admired most throughout my life and later in years I never knew to be true. My level of confidence. 

Regardless of your organizations’ management style, top-down or bottom-up everything eventually trickles down as a leader. We tend to ask why the patterns begin to be uncovered when staff or our teams behave or act out in unhealthy ways. We fail to take care of ourselves. We lack initiatives and incentives to recognize a lot of the truths in this story. This article is not about me yet I will share some of whats relevant from my

personal story that helped kickstart a few of my journeys, as there is great power in vulnerability; as millennials not all of us are created equal with limitless energy, it takes time to practice your passion and test drive the lifestyle, you want to live. You must because what I see most is people influenced by dreams that are not their own. Remember passion is not enough, and balance means it’s a lifestyle, that’s true success and fulfillment when you’ve aligned who you are with everything you do and are having fun with it.

I personally had cultural tendencies deeply rooted almost to what 

I called it a “false humility,” a sense of stubbornness that all leaders deal with internally regardless of your belief system; to define it its essentially where its hard to seek out help and be vulnerable when in fact our weaknesses are what perfect and strengthen our strengths. That is a pattern you can take my Go-Auto challenge with a free session to be proven at no cost to you. 

It started with taking advice or listening to the noise from the wrong people. These factors Led to what we see and don’t see with so many people today suffering with, overvaluing they are not and undervaluing what they are.

I literally was on the verge of I applied the wrong advice that was one of the main roots to the patterns. I was holding onto and believing in lies that were from outside of myself but I was responsible for letting in.

As a leader we tend to be naturally self motivated and we put very high standards on ourselves which I’m sure you can relate; for me accountability and strategy are the blueprint to what my coaching business is all about. It makes great pressure over time yet the balance is where people fail the most to see and understand. 

I grew up with severe asthma tied to a machine most of my life I was told it was incurable and also one of if not the shyest young man you knew, led by fear and insecurities. I made a decision, after looking myself into the mirror and with confidence every time people ask me how I made this transition I remember the commitment I made to myself that resulted in me creating not only the best body of my life but transforming a business into an institution and rated in the top category in the greater Los Angeles area among many other notable accomplishments. I grew up fighting for approval and consistently being turned down without truly loving and investing in myself first. 

Then, after high school I came back to teach an entrepreneurship course after being invited, after implementing that business plan that won across the classes and became such a high achiever with 3 jobs and choosing to invest in a prestigious university dropping a six figure job because of my values and visions while already having committed as an autodidact. What was the commitment? To the the skills I needed for the person I saw myself and aimed to be. A renowned sought-after brand consultant, speaker, author and coach. It was more than that, what opened any new relationships and opportunities was the premise for the greatest passion project of my life before and leading up to accomplishing the goal of being a “best-selling author.” Here is an image and excerpt from the self-published title and I know will help and want others to see in case you need a more clear understanding of “Self-Mastery.” 🙂 

Fighting for approval, meeting terms of bullies without knowing it consumed me; as it does for many others until one night at the age of 19 I got hit and run over by a car, because of one of those “bullies,” I thought was my “friend.” I overheard a Dr. Speaking the morning after to my Mother when I was in a wheel chair claiming if I didn’t have as much muscle surrounding my ribs they should have all been shattered and it was a miracle I got away with some stitches on my eye lid instead of being blind and or damaging my knees more than what had happened. It sounds harsh but signs are always seeking to teach us when the student is ready, I was ready but a lot of the time we tend to escape or seek the wrong things than to listen to our own intuition which is the greatest lesson I can teach and share to anyone in my generation and live by every single day. Call them what you want, wake up calls, rock bottom, these moments or times I call, our “Great-Awakenings.” 

I took refuge in helping and inspiring people to pursue greatness, and in business your always seeking approval and earn your trust, every single day.

Next chapter after the accident and beginning to understand what friendship really was and looked like; I was 19 and mysteriously a professional NFL athlete was with a CEO of a company in the nice I was most passionate about and told myself I wanted to and would change. What do you know offered a job to do what I wanted to do? Great, I’m going to learn everything and change the industry! Well, My mission came from failing way too often-started at 19, mentors are where everything comes to play. I however trusted my boss as a mentor until learning later he was using me for his own gain and benefit, learning strategies, tactics I came up with from “situational knowledge,” and adapting with consistent learning I did not get credit for. He, as a result, organization came from nothing to suddenly a top OC metro entrepreneur. I put in my two weeks swallowed my pride when uncovering what really was happening there and, as a result in support of his other ruthless efforts and business practices I supported taking him down almost a year later in court with another business I worked with.

More on the early beginnings of my story and journey


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In a chapter of Patternomics #@MyPatternPlan, titled Processing the Process, I aim to highlight this and the greatest principle one can adopt, or any startup team is to always keep in mind, ask themselves and remember why they started.

Lots of people, through years admired and admire my work ethic, discipline and diligence yet if it weren’t for techniques I tested on myself focused around my health such as meditation and the study and understanding of my own sleep patterns along with poly-phasic sleeping. Seek out a true professional if you have a season of hardcore deadlines and projects and be sure to take part of and invest in The Sleep Revolution with Arianna Huffington. I learned, looking back, people were in fact trying to and they always will, reverse engineer me and my luck because I was always misunderstood. Even to the point of being said to be a marketing savante, a fascinating condition to be diagnosed with or called by a Dr. client; which I am to date grateful for as one of my greatest compliments. 

Client services is not always fun and regardless of our age group we must remember that we can admire other lifestyle entrepreneurs that document their lives behind the scenes, like myself, on my personal Instagram and Facebook for a community of Adventurists I actively nurture and strive to build, yet a lot of those people earned the right to live out, practice and master their passions after years, yes YEARS of sacrifice and untold stories of great enduring sacrifice. I want to make that clear as a voice of inspiration and hope for again, the greatest generation across history. Any entrepreneur I coach, work with or founder I mentor I strive to teach to operate in and from the place of “flow,” and that tends to be the best explanation however that peak performance is rooted again in health…I rest my case, please let me know if any of this or my personal message resonates with you! 

There are several take-aways and let it also be known and remember that prioritizing health comes from the top, its a communal effort like most, and will spread all around.

For more on the personal pattern mastery hacks I codified new science on after years of research, interviews, failure and trial and error.

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Fear Less, Live more and Get Adventurous. 

-Siamack (Sia) Yaghobi