If you’ve followed me for a period of time you know that I’ve spoken often about how my mother’s terminal illness with cancer several years ago was a major catalyst to change and transform my entire life and it led me here right now to where I am today. I truly believe that every experience in our lives, despite how painful some of them are, serve a higher purpose.

But I want to share with you another part of my story that I haven’t spoken as much about. Despite the major awakening I’d experienced, despite the epiphany that I couldn’t any longer stay in the life the way that I had been living it, I was STILL in denial.


having made the decision to rent my house out in New Jersey,

stepping down from the high-level role that I had worked so hard and for so many years to achieve,

packing up my car and driving across the country to move back to Idaho to be closer to my family,

I STILL thought that the answer to the discontent that I was feeling ultimately meant finding another job.

At the time I didn’t know that I would end up becoming an entrepreneur and that it would actually be MY OWN journey of transition that would inspire me to dedicate my life to helping others find their way forward.

I started applying for positions with companies that reflected my professional experience and the industry experience that I had.

You’re probably thinking, yep that makes sense…

EXACTLY. It made logical sense.

And so that’s the path that I followed…

but this is what ACTUALLY happened.

I interviewed with several well-known retail companies for positions that were a shoo-in for my experience and the track record that I held in terms of performance.

There is no logical reason why I shouldn’t have been offered those positions, right?

One company comes to mind that I actually had SIX interviews with. They flew me out for a final meeting and even checked all of my references and then at the 11th hour…

I didn’t get the job. They made a decision to give the position to an internal candidate.

It was really frustrating. I felt like I was banging my head against the wall.

I didn’t understand why I wasn’t getting offers for these jobs where I was such a great fit.

EVENTUALLY, I started to recognize the signs that the Universe had been throwing my way all along.

I started to understand that I wasn’t meant to stay in the same industry and in the same type of roles.

I was meant to do something else. I was meant to go a different direction completely.

How did I figure out that I needed to start my own business?

The key to me moving forward was getting honest with myself about what I REALLY wanted.

I wasn’t applying for those positions because that’s what I really wanted to do.

I was applying for those positions because I thought that’s what I HAD to do.

I thought at the time that’s all I COULD do.

As soon as I got honest with myself about what I really wanted to do, which is to help other women answer that call to do “MORE”

to start LIVING instead of existing,

to take back their joy and sense of purpose,

to make an impact in the world doing work that lights their soul on fire,

things started immediately moving forward.

Think about it. Have there been times in your life where looking back, it may have felt like a wall at the time, but you discovered that it was actually a door?

Or are you even in a place in your life right now where it feels like you’re banging your head against the wall…

you’re trying to make things work in your current career,

or you’re searching for a new job and it just feels like wall after wall after wall.

I would invite you to reflect on that and ask yourself,

Could those walls actually be DOORS?

Is what you’re going after what you REALLY want, or what you think you have to settle for?

If you’re unavailable for settling in your life even one-minute longer, connect with me here for a free clarity session, and let’s chat about how I can provide you with the support and guidance you need to start living on YOUR terms.