To many, fashion is just stuff; clothes, shoes, and accessories are a means to an end and nothing more. But every so often a trend emerges that quickly enters and is adopted by the mainstream. We are attracted to its appearance and texture but more importantly, the way it makes us feel. A trend worth embracing is one that resonates more deeply and connects more closely with those finding a sartorial relationship with it. In the case of spring/summer design, one thing is clear: being transparent is in. From rain coats and hats at Chanel, to shoes at Balmain, and bags at Celine and Helmut Lang, being clear isn’t something to take lightly.

transparent /transˈperənt/ adjective: allowing light to pass through so that objects behind can be distinctly seen

At first glance, it might appear that clear accessories are a direct reflection of the world we live in; one of oversharing. Some might interpret the trend to reflect our need to be showing the world how incredible we’ve become in #livingmybestlife; a necessity to share a carefully curated version of the lives that we want the world to see. But has the ability to share our thoughts, ideas and lives on social media in fact had the opposite effect and kept us from sharing our whole selves? After all, who really wants to share their mess with the world. If you were to carry a clear purse, briefcase or tote, would you really want people to see what’s inside? And even if you did, in the case that you felt completely comfortable with it all being on display, who could help but wonder how others would react. But haven’t we gotten far enough that we don’t have to hide the things that make us a woman?

Perhaps the transparency trend is our opportunity to step away from technology in order share it all and bear our souls. I would argue it’s more important than ever to be ourselves; to live our truths and not to be afraid to share our stories. Instead of focusing on the ideal, or giving into the pressure of the status quo, we need to embrace what makes us human and makes us feminine.

In a time of social and political movements fueled by feminism, it can’t be a coincidence that this trend has found its way into fashion. And though showing and sharing your true self sounds noble, it can be scary. Being transparent means being vulnerable; it requires you step out of your comfort zone and in some cases go against everything you’ve learned. As women we are raised to be polite, agreeable, and modest. But it’s time to step up and join the others that are making waves; making change is not reserved for those in leadership positions or with political power. Every woman has a responsibility to evoke change and what better way than by setting an example by being themselves? Because however small, you can have an impact. By sharing yourself with another, you could help them to become the woman they were meant to be.

[For Klas squared, the transparency of the Clear Quartz Collection extends further than their fashion allure and reflects the essence of our brand: to encourage and stand alongside powerful women who are clear in their person and purpose. By being transparent about who we are and what we stand for, we can continue to make a difference by creating a community of independent, confident and powerful women.]

On a more literal note, this trend could be the most practical yet. With clear accessories there is no doubt that they will go with everything in your closet – whether brights, patterns, denim or dresses, you can pair up with something clear making it easy to wear these accessories over and over. And who doesn’t want to get more out of their closet? Is this trend in fact making women’s lives easier giving us the opportunity to spend less time, stress, and work packing, prepping, and dressing every day? Could it inadvertently be making women’s lives easier? No wonder we’re fans; no trend could spell out feminism more clearly. 

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