Photo by Chris Kane from Pexels

It’s been almost a year since my last post and boy have I experienced some things.

This pandemic has been a rough ride.

Not only has the pandemic been tough, I am learning that people just don’t care about others lives like they used to; and more and more they are turning to extreme measures to protect themselves.

I am going to keep it short and sweet because I just don’t have the energy to pour into topics such as revenge or relationships that are one sided or even just draining.

Sometimes we experience things because we haven’t learned the lesson, but more importantly, sometimes we experience things because we learned the lesson and haven’t let go.

To anyone reading this who has been going in a repetitive cycle or who keeps trying and failing or feel they’re getting nowhere- maybe that’s the problem.

Maybe your need to get it right or fix someone or avoid the same mistakes is costing you.

Think about it! You deserve the best but you also deserve peace of mind and healthy relationships (that are free from the baggage of yesterday).

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