Martin Polanco

Visiting the shrink’s office has become common today! And since we are amid a pandemic today, most of our calls with the therapist or a mental health counselor happen online or over the phone. The act of seeking help from a therapist is no more a taboo as it used to be sometime back. Today, the youth and the elderly adults have realized the importance of attending to one’s mental health. And a therapist or a counselor helps a person regain stable mental health so that they can lead a wholesome life.

Importance of therapy – Insights by Martin Polanco

21st-century life is both progressive and complex. On one end, we have advanced technologies and innovation reigning high, and on the other hand, people are falling prey to depression and isolation. It has become challenging for people to understand each other’s perspectives. Also, many people have pent-up emotions within for decades. It’s essential to have a clear mind and sort out one’s thoughts. A therapist or counselor can guide a person to a state of better mental health.

  1. Healing inner wounds and trauma

Today, many men and women are trauma survivors. From child abuse to toxic relationships, they have several inner wounds within. And until these wounds get healed, a person can’t lead a balanced life. Complications will arise sooner or later. A therapist knows the exact way to make a person face their trauma and release it. They take recurring sessions that help them to face facts and learn to let go of the trauma and wounds.

  • Healing relationship issues

Today, people often get caught up in dysfunctional relationships or complex relationships. Misplaced expectations often create issues in relationships. That aside, every person has a darker side that needs healing. A mental health counselor can help a person understand themselves, and that allows them to understand others. Too many fights and conflicts in relationships often increase stress, tension and adversely affect mental health. Through the therapy sessions, people can identify their triggers and work towards them and approach their relationships better. It results in fulfilling bonds and a happy state of mind.

  • Remedying other issues

Some people are unhappy because they aren’t articulate enough and have trouble saying “no”! They always put others first, and as a result, they can’t share their part of the story. It creates a huge mental block and makes these people feel suffocated. They need to learn a way to express themselves so that they don’t feel stuck up later. Lack of effective communication and expression often manifests as stress, tension, and even insomnia. Through therapy, one can address and remedy these issues and attain better mental health. It helps introverts find a way to express themselves better and clearly.

Mental health is of utmost importance, and it depends on the more minor nuances of life. Hence, in the words of Martin Polanco, seeking therapy or mental health counseling is effective for many people and helps them think and be better.