The Author doing something good.

It’s good to have something to look forward to.

I had forgotten what that felt like. Having a specific date where you know something good is going to happen to change your scenery.

Even though we are still “in it”, some of us are seeing new paths emerge from the tangled confusion. We notice the shining opportunities rising from damp disappointments.

For those like me, where your business hinges on the safe ability for people to travel, there is a lot of wading and waiting.  We can’t make solid plans.

Until recently, I didn’t fully acknowledge how much having a pinpoint to aim at can affect your mindset.  Working towards something, but not knowing when that something will manifest, is grating on your peace of mind.  The insecurity, anxiety, the nervousness from feeling adrift, and blah blah blah – I’ve written to this before.

Confidence is what backs our decisions forward, and that confidence is pretty shaky these days.

However, when there is something to look forward to, even if it’s the tiniest thing, it can make a colossal difference in our mindset.  We count the days as we move closer, instead of counting and counting towards the unknown, then losing count only to feel listless and depressed.

I like the feeling of moving closer to something good.

Next week, I’m taking off on a long-overdue solo mini-vacay. Super mini.  Not flash. Not even out of the country.  But just giving myself space to think, like I did in the days of yore.

This will be time to review what next directions are possible. It’s so easy, in the midst of all of this, to lock into a routine that gives a sense of security and progress, but locking into something out of panic can eliminate a new season of possibilities.  I never want to cut myself off from possibilities.

The retreats I host through Venture Within have always delivered this opportunity to others: Creating time and space to rethink, reconnect, and revise our plans (as best we can).

So next week, this retreat is for me.  Maybe I’ll have some kind of revelation on how to advance and amplify my expertise. Maybe I’ll have more adventurous travel stories.  Maybe I’ll just be rested.

Or, maybe I’ll have all three.

As for my readers out there, please don’t forget to do this too.  If you aren’t already, plan for something nice for yourself. Pinpoint it.

We are limited, I know, in funds and travel and access to friends.

But it is still possible to find ways to pamper yourself in the ways you need.  Ways that will clear your mind and rejuvenate you. Create your plan and put a pin in it.

Then start counting down as your days move closer to something good. You will feel BETTER.

~ Christy

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