Vannesa Delle Monache’s story & motivation resonate with me.  “The world is currently experiencing the kind of uncertainty most cancer patients experience the moment they hear the words, ‘you have cancer.’ … When I was facing cancer, I didn’t want to talk about what I was going through, but found a lot of support just hearing other people’s cancer stories. Now I want to help others by sharing mine.”

Like cancer, we are facing an invisible enemy with COVID-19. Cancer survivors already know that helpless feeling of the world spiraling out of our control. Like cancer survivors, particularly prostate cancer, there is a sense of shame and embarrassment.   Men do not engage because of the personal nature of the disease. It forces isolation; I was there.  

That said; cancer survivors are tough and have been through this before – mindset matters. 

In my cancer battle, I made the choice to shift my mindset from fear to determination. One of the components of a ‘winning mindset’ is overcoming fear.  When fear causes you to feel defeated before you even start the battle, try to overcome a challenge or trying doing something you’ve never done before.  Defeat fear before it defeats you. Learning to deal with fear means putting your negative thoughts in perspective.   

With the right mindset, look up and forward to what lies ahead and beyond your current challenge, struggle or goal.  A ‘winning mindset’ takes courage and diligence.  It can help you step out of your comfort zone.  Your mindset drives the choices you make, and the habits you create.

We are all learning a new lexicon of terms and words that none of us thought in a million years would ever apply to us.  Don’t put off getting into new habits of self-protection today so you can protect others tomorrow.

Note: this article is dedicated to Jamie Bearse (CEO at ZERO Cancer) and all of those that have been impacted by COVID-19, in addition to all cancer patients.

Written by Tom Hulsey