With COVID-19 rapidly rising in almost all the countries of the world, it is a matter of great concern as to why and how it spreads so rapidly. COVID-19 has various ways of spreading.
As per the reports of the United Nations, COVID-19 spreads mostly in four stages:

  • Import from foreign countries: With a wide number of visitors from different countries across continents, Countries become infested with COVID-19 patients, which becomes a real threat to it!
  • Local Transmission: When a person lands in a country but does not show symptoms due to one or more reasons, he is left to roam as he likes! This causes the virus to be transferred to people he comes in contact with and hence this is called local transmission.
  • Community Transmission: Even after the local people are affected, their movement might result in the virus infesting itself into the locality. This is the most crucial stage for a country. Maximum Steps are to be taken to prevent a pandemic
  • Epidemic: This is the last stage of COVID spread! People are widely affected! Huge number of deaths occur and a country is helpless!

Various nations like China, Italy, USA, Canada and others have gone into lockdown with travel ban being announced throughout the nations. Even India is going on somewhat lockdown being imposed across the nation. What are you expected to do now?

  • Most importantly, do not step out! Stepping out invites the COVID guest into your homes.
  • For bibliophiles, this is your time to be immersed in the world of books and reading! Go on GoodReads! Set a target of 25 books and start listing and then, reading them.
  • It’s time for some beatroot halwa! Eat healthy and stay healthy!
  • Watch your favourite cinemas and documentaries on Netflix, Hotstar and Amazon Prime. Your favourite actors await you.
  • Please do not spread misinformation through social media! This might be vulnerable to your freedom!
  • Do not panic! Yes! People are in panic! Having foreseen the lockdown, they’ve crowded near marketplaces trying to grab up bundles of corns and wheat! That’s surely not gonna help you out!
  • Express your feelings and if you’re unwell, do visit a doctor immediately. Staying quiet at home may not help!
  • Wash your hands with alcoholic sanitisers and soaps every time before you sit down to eat. Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces daily. This includes tables, doorknobs, light switches, handles, desks, computers, phones, keyboards, sinks, toilets, faucets and countertops.
  • Wear a facemask (if you are sick).
  • Finally, when you’ve nothing to do, get yourself a good nap. That’s gonna help you!

Keeping sanity intact will not be easy for months and beyond, if we are locked in and the curve does not flatten out.

None of us have seen such an unprecedented attack on humanity. Let’s try to remain normal, follow the directions of the authority and prevent the COVID-19 spread!

Health Medics wear face masks to prevent COVID-19 spread outside an isolation ward in Hyderabad, India. Source: PTI