covid-19 pandemic

Taking care of employees’ safety during COVID 19 pandemic is vital. The world has come into an arrest due to the spread of the CORONAVIRUS. As a result, the world’s economy has slowed down.

Every sector and part of the economy is facing its share of the crisis. With the new increase of COVID 19 cases daily, it’s thus essential to shorten the curve.Look, there’s no cure this far. It is thus vital for every person to take part in stopping the spread of the disease. 

Companies need to cut the contact of the virus in the workplace. For this reason, strict measures are a necessity in place of work to enhance workers’ safety. Is workers’ safety during COVID 19 pandemic your concern?

If the answer is yes, don’t shilly-shally to read this article to the end. 

1.     Working from home

Allow your workers to work from home. It is the best way to promote staff’s safety during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Receptionists can work from home as virtual receptionists. Also, avoiding physical meetings helps a lot in curbing the widespread of the virus.The growth and development of technology are making things easier.

So business needs to uplift telework arrangements where necessary. 

2.     Health workers safety

Sorry to say, not all people can work from the comfort of their homes. For this reason, some occupations such as health come in. Health workers are in the frontline containing the virus and saving peoples’ lives. 

Hence, their safety should be the primary concern for them to continue offering their services.So how can a company guarantee health workers’ safety? 

Read on

a.     Extra recruitment and training of health workers

The rate at which the virus is spreading is quite alarming. For this reason, employers need to strengthen the workforce.

Thus investing in the health system is not an option.

See, all the employer need to do is to train and deploy well motivate health workers. 

b.     Workers mental health

The COVID 19 pandemic puts health workers in a challenging position. They are overworking and witnessing increased death rates. The health workers live with the fear of getting infected by the disease.

 Additionally, health workers face traumatic scenarios with difficult decisions to make. For this reason, employers need to give assistance and therapy to health workers.

The guidance will aid in dealing with stress.

See, providing the public with the right information is crucial. Thus, there will be no chances of looking down upon health workers.

c.      Control the working hours

During emergence situations, health workers may work under tongue-tied conditions. For instance, health workers have to deal with heavy workloads. 

They are sometimes working for long hours. Health workers go through tiredness and fatigue due to a lack of time to rest.

Thus, owners need to come up with the right working arrangement. The right contract will ensure health workers have time for themselves.

d.     Uplifting health workers safety

The safety of health workers, including the cleaners, is critical. For this reason, employers need to provide health workers with the right in sequence.

 Guidelines to stop infection are necessary. Again, there should be enough provision of personal equipment to protect them at no cost. 

Proper use of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is essential.

3.     Social distancing practice

Guidelines such as avoiding physical contact promote employees’ safety during COVID 19 pandemic. Workers should observe the two-meter rule.

 Avoid shaking hands and hugging other people and not limited to the families.

4.     Regular testing of employees

It is vital to make the screening of employees compulsory and available. The staff with CORONAVIRUS like symptoms needs to stop working and go home.

This effort will give time for quarantine as well as protecting other workers. Also, the human resources who traveled to affected places need to quarantine.

 For this reason, workers need to stop moving until the situation gets back to normal. 

5.     Right information provision

See, simple and clear, in turn, is easy to understand. The provision of brief and correct in line about the virus is vital.

Too much knowledge and vagueness confuse hence, doing the wrong thing. 

Closing up

Employees’ safety during the COVID 19 pandemic cannot go unnoticed. Fighting CORONAVIRUS requires a combined effort from everyone around the world. So, it’s essential to stay at home and be safe.

 Following and putting into action, the laid out measures go in hand in cutting the spread of the virus. People should stay at home.But it’s necessary to consider the world’s economic stability and the well being of the public.

Thus, some staff will have to work.So it’s essential to promote employees’ safety during the COVID 19 pandemic.