Before we get started on what I want to say, let’s clear up a couple of key terms that I will use so that we are on the same page.


It may be called Covid-19 but here in Europe, it is our 2020 that appears to be cancelled.

Regardless of where it came from, regardless of whether you believe it is a cover up for something else and regardless of whether you agree governments have handled it well (they haven’t but I can’t say that I would have done a better job) – it has affected all of us. 

It has impacted us far beyond our physical health. It has decimated global financials, separated us from our loved ones (I know people who have been alone for months), affected our mental health and changed our lives in a way we would never have anticipated.


The year that didn’t happen and has most people wanting to fast forward to Christmas (not sure why though, the disappointment when nothing changes as we switch over to 2021 will be another face slap).


I will explain this in more detail but unfortunately the phone doesn’t ring, you don’t get an email, and nobody knocks on your front door.  The call looks nothing like you’d expect…


You do not have to be a harem pant wearing, sage smudging, crystal hugging, love and light sending individual to be a lightworker.  

This is a worldwide prejudgement that is beyond outdated now. 

You can be a sex loving, prosecco drinking, oracle card reading, energy weaving, hormonal swinging, accountant and still be a lightworker. 

I know because I am one. 

The term “lightworker” has many meanings but when I use it, I am referring to someone who is called to share their light in the world.  

You might not describe yourself in that way, but you know you want to help others.  

You know you don’t want to leave anyone behind sitting in the shitty feelings and thoughts you used to experience regularly.

You know you want to leave a legacy.  There is work that you know lights you up but you might not yet have made that work your business – you may still be doing something else or have a job, even though you know this work makes your soul sing and helps others. 

You know there is something far bigger than we are.  

I call it the Universe, you might call it the divine, or God or any other number of terms.  

You know that it is powerful and that you can use that power. 

You have had times in your life when you have been given evidence of its existence.

You know that you are powerful and again there have been times when you have used that power but your faith that it was not a one off may not have developed yet.  

You believe in abundance.
Abundance of love, health, wealth, energy, fun, abundance in all things but you are not yet living in that state. 

You are beginning to recognise alignment.

You want to do work and live a life that feels aligned to who you truly are, even if you are only just beginning to work out who that is. 

You want to turn your light up all the way, you want to shine brightly because you know you can make a difference, even if only to one person.  

You are tired of hiding but in the past, you have felt like you are too much or not enough or that it just isn’t safe to be who you truly are and so you feel like your light dims and flickers sometimes. 

You feel more and more called to drop all the masks, all the filters, all the beliefs that you know are bullshit and the stories that just don’t serve you anymore.

You feel like you are finally waking up and you are ready to be the light.

You are a lightworker.

Now, let us begin.  

2020 has been a year that most of us had not anticipated.  

The normal order of business has been interrupted and even those of us lucky enough not to have had COVID (I missed that boat, but I know I don’t want to have it again) have had our lives turned upside down.

A significant number of people stopped travelling to work (those of you who had to keep going – thank you so much for keeping the country going) and home-working arrived.  

Going to work for many of us consisted of going downstairs to the kitchen table and praying that the WIFI would be ok. 

Some people, due to the nature of their work were not that lucky and their income dried up overnight and some people were given an abundance of space and time as they were at home on furlough.

Our children stopped going to school. 
Childcare ended. 

We became our children’s teachers (technically we have always been that but being responsible for them learning about topics on the national curriculum struck fear into the hearts of most parents).

Going out for dinner or to the pub stopped.

Seeing our friends and family other than through a screen (both the plastic and electronic variety) stopped.

Holidays were cancelled.

Toilet roll was scarce, and the pasta aisles were decimated.

We were afraid for our health.

And I imagine there was a huge undercurrent of panic, that the wine that was powering us through lockdown may run out.

Life changed and fear took over.  

There have been so many other issues that came to light during 2020 but my focus here is on Covid.  We can all agree however, that the shadows felt ever more present than any light in the world.

As life slowed down and space was created. 

People went one of 3 ways.  

  1. Life carried on as best as possible.
  2. Fear/anger/frustration took over. 
  3. Some kind of awareness of another way of life that after a little acclimatising felt better than the previous one began to occur.

Being at home, being with our immediate family (if you live alone, I am so sorry for how difficult that must have been and will continue to be) actually felt nice. 

Our homes began to feel like sanctuaries, not just a place we laid our head in the midst of cramped routines and our roles of trying to be all things to all people.

We began to realise what actually mattered.  We began to wonder about what we could or would do if this became our norm.  

You may have started to wonder whether that dream business you have had at the back of your mind was possible.  

You may have wanted to do whatever your brand of magic is to help people feel better.  You may have wondered how it was possible to continue to spend more time with the people you love.  

You may have realised your priorities were not what you wanted them to be and you may be looking for change.

Covid showed us, albeit painfully, what actually wasn’t and isn’t working in our lives and reminded us of what really matters.

However, Covid also brought an equally serious emotional pandemic of fear.  

This shadow of fear has spread like wildfire and now more than ever from an energetic perspective, it is important that we spread our light wherever we can, whenever we can.  You know that already, but the time truly is NOW.  

This means being brave and answering the call to shine your light and it also means doing the work on yourself, as much work as it takes, to keep your light burning brightly.  

Shadow work has always been important but now more than ever it is needed for the good of the collective.

The one advantage of this situation right now is that your devotion to your shadow work will see quantum leaps in your spiritual gifts and your energy. 

We are so supported in doing the work right now and the results are beyond your imagination. I can attest to it. Despite our external circumstances my energy is cleaner and more powerful than it has ever been.

So how is the call to lightworkers being delivered?

Well Covid has been the catalyst but it can look like losing a job, getting sick, forced change in your routine, losing loved ones.  

Covid has been one heck of a catalyst to change, but that change is in answer to your call. 

If you’ve felt that niggle that you wanted to make a change, if you have a dream that you have never shared; know it is time, this is your call. If you are reading this and wondering if you have had your call, you have.  

This is it.  Here is your message loud and clear – the world needs you awake. 

The world needs your light. Right now.

How you bring your lightwork to the world doesn’t matter but trusting your heart and following your intuition is so very important right now.  

Trusting that you are ready and can make a difference is also important. 

And knowing that the time is now and life is short is hopefully the incentive you need to start taking action and to start doing what truly feels aligned to you. If doing it for yourself doesn’t take away the fear, think of all the people who are waiting for you and your special gifts to change their lives.

I hope one day, you will look back on the call that was COVID and know that everything changed for you right here and that the life you created for yourself as the world fell apart, was one of abundance and alignment.  And that you contributed to the change the world needed so very much.

If you need any help and support as you fully step into and embody your role here as a light-worker, come and join us in Get REAL, my Facebook community to support people just like you, who are shining their light to make the world a better place.