What uncertain times we’re navigating right now! We hope you’re staying safe and healthy during this crisis.

This virus is undoubtedly taking a devastating toll on individuals around the world – both physically and emotionally.

To help you and your family combat the pressures of the pandemic, we’ve put together a bunch of well-being resources you and your children can turn to during times of need. This list includes online courses, podcasts, physical exercises, sleeping tips, free art resources, meditations and mindfulness links, along with various other relevant blogs for promoting wellness.

If you have a resource you’d like to add to our list, please contact us.

Covid-19 Wellbeing Resource List

Online Courses

Meditation, Mindfulness & Self-care

The Arts & Virtual Events


Helping kids deal with coronavirus

Image: Malaka Gharib/ NPR

Just for Kids/Teens


As Elmo said, during this world of social distancing it’s important we stay connected and there for one another.

We’d love to hear from you, let us know how you’re going and if there are any additional resources we can provide to support you and your family during these times.

Keep smiling!


  • Amba Brown

    Positive Psychology Author

    Amba Brown is an Australian Positive Psychology author, and the writer of Finding Your Path Books, a happiness series for youth transitions. Her work has been featured in Readers Digest, ABC National Radio, The Huff Post, The Positive Psychology Blog, She'said', and SimpleK-12, to name a few. She has also delivered her message on the TEDx Stage. Amba is a member of The International Positive Psychology Association and is passionate about alleviating youth anxieties. Her goal is to share these tools as far and as wide as possible. Find Amba at findingyourpathbooks.com, or on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.