When someone asks me what I think about creating a legacy, the first thing I ask them is what is your vision? What is that one thing that gets you out of bed every morning? What is it that excites you beyond all else? Then I ask if you have started on it yet (we will get to that later on). Having a vision is not only the first step in creating the life you want and the legacy you want to be remembered for, it is the most important step. Without knowing where you want to go, you will never get there, or at least the journey will be longer and harder than what it could be.

Having a definitive vision for what you want not only gives you direction, or determines your destination, but more importantly, it provides the inspiration and the motivation you to take action.

Seeing the Vision

If we look first at what vision is, at its core, it is simply the ability to see. When you look in the mirror, what do you see? When you look at your surroundings, what do you see? What affects you? What is that one thing, who is that one type of person, where is that one group that needs you to show up in your greatness and deliver value to?    

“Don’t allow excuses to cloud your ability to brainstorm”

The importance of vision is looking into the future and imagining what it looks like when you show up and do you. A vision is that written statement, that voice in your head, the writing, the drawing, that thing that guides the decisions you make for yourself, your life, or your business. When you think of your future , what do  you see?

A great starting place for seeing your vision is to go through a brainstorming exercise. One of the best brainstorming concepts today is the vision board. Create a vision board. Allow yourself the freedom to write, to dream, to create. Don’t lose your focus – which is to create something visual for you to see, the future that you want, the future you are being called to – but don’t have tunnel vision. Remember to think beyond your current circumstances. This vision board is yours, take ownership of your dreams.

For those of you who have vision boards, or have done them in the past, now is the time to evaluate your vision board. Dig deep and get more specific with your direction. Find new ways to add more value. This is your time to be selfish. Go inside and spend some time with yourself.

Launch Window

Starting with your why is essential. For me, I am passionate about literacy. My childhood was met with many crazy time, much struggle, poverty, and a deep sense of family. What came from my early childhood was an advanced reading comprehension level. At the time, I had no clue how it would serve me, however when I got older I have found a passion for teaching children to read… and read well. That passion started with what I believed was going to be writing one book has currently lead me to be releasing my third book in the series by the end of summer, 2019, with all proceeds going to support schools and libraries globally.  

Use what you have. Surround yourself with like-minded people. Although my vision came to consciousness and fruition as an adult, it began as a young child. What did I have to start with… my ability to read above the norm.

What do you have personally inside you that will impact the world in only the way you can? Everyone’s legacy is different. It is not a “project” that has an end. Your legacy should evolve over time. The closer you are to your true legacy, the more your path will evolve.

Legacy always starts with vision. Where are you today? What do you need to accomplish your why? What is your heart’s desire? Step out of yourself. Dream. Visualize. Create. Design your life. Start today.