If you are traveling on a long trip, it’s likely that you will miss home at some point. Sure, you are still loving your life on the golden beaches while sipping cocktails or you still want to venture off through the jungle into a distant land. But is there a part of you, tucked away underneath an everlasting adventure, that’s pining a little for the past — a place, a feeling, a touch of familiarity? Traveling is awesome, and nothing beats life on the road, but what do you do when you start to crave home?

The most obvious first step is to contact the people that you miss. Call your friends and family and tell them about your life, but also ask about theirs. Find out what’s going on with them. You might be able to spark up fresh and original conversations to stir a bit of excitement about their own direction, which could positively influence your mood.

If it is within your budget, you could consider a trip home; although that might depend on how far from home you are, and the distance and cost. If it is easy and possible, then why not pop back and see everything and everyone you want to see? Flight comparison sites can help you find cheap offers, especially if you book in advance.

However, that’s not always possible, whether for budget or for personal reasons. So, if you crave home but you have to or want to keep traveling, you can take a different approach to satisfy your needs.

It’s nearly always possible to find familiarity, no matter how foreign the country. Whether it’s an international chain restaurant at an airport in Uzbekistan, a plush hotel for a bit of a treat in India or a full English breakfast in Russia, you can nearly always find a little bit of comfort and homeliness.

If you are traveling from Europe or the West, and visiting countries that are “blowing your mind”, you could seek out relatively universal activities and forms of entertainment to bring back a sense of familiarity. For example, the etiquette in casinos will generally remain the same around the world: you get your chips and sit down, respectfully, at a table, and even get to play the same or similar types of games. The point is it can be very liberating to regain a sense of control when you feel a lack of it, and a familiar activity can have this effect. This is true of any familiar activity you prefer, including swimming or dancing, not just gaming at a casino.

It’s also a good idea to slow down the pace a little from time to time. While it’s great to explore new places, it’s also nice to put your feet up every now and then or take a quiet walk in the countryside or to spend a few days reading and resting.

Traveling often gives you the opportunity to sample foods and new experiences, and to gain an understanding of the nuances of a different language and culture. When the going gets tough though and you crave home, you can immerse yourself in exciting familiarity and slow down the pace for a while to get your footing again. It’s all about being in touch with your needs and doing what you want to do!