In my most recent post, 10 Ways to Handle Stressful Life Transitions, I received quite a bit of positive feedback, but I also received feedback from people that were skeptical and hesitant to buy into “the hype.”

Trust me, I get it. It’s hard to have a positive mindset about life and your uncertain future when you have just enough money to eat tuna fish straight out of the can while sitting on the floor of your unfurnished apartment in front of a candle while “borrowing” your neighbor’s wi-fi.

Mindset is a Catch-22. Whatever it is that you believe– you’re right! If you believe that your crappy situation is not going to get any better any time soon and you sulk in your current situation, then it will absolutely remain the same. However, if you choose to consciously believe that your situation will eventually turn around and you’re open to all possibilities the universe has for you, then your situation will improve.

Do you want to know why “crazy” people succeed? They succeed, because they will be in that exact same situation and whole-heartedly believe that it’s only temporary. They can imagine themselves living in a top floor penthouse suite overlooking Manhattan.

No matter how grim or impossible of a situation a “crazy person” may be in, they have a steady mindset that they will reach their goal and they don’t give up, no matter how long it takes.

I have spent some serious time working on my “mental conditioning.” I work my mind every day at the same level that I work on my physical conditioning for my body. When you are in control of your thoughts, emotions and actions, amazing things start to happen in your life.

With my recent cross-country move to NYC I put it in the universe that I would somehow meet Arianna Huffington. Now mind you, I moved to NYC with no job, had no idea what I was going to “do,” and had to live off pennies of my savings.

Although at first I was feeling pretty down, I immediately changed my mindset, resolving that I was going to figure out my purpose in NYC. I was going to help people become better versions of themselves. I wanted to meet Arianna Huffington because she played a pivotal role in putting my life on this trajectory. Her book, Thrive, ignited a fire in me and made me realize that I possessed a passion for helping — and the experience to do so — people overcome stress and burnout.

In Thrive, Arianna shares her mission to redefine how our society views success. The founder of the Huffington Post launched another online news platform, Thrive Global. She advocates for people to live healthier, more balanced lives of reduced stress and no burnout.

“We think, mistakenly, that success is the result of the amount of time we put in at work, instead of the quality of time we put in.”

–Arianna Huffington

I had put it in the universe and kept it in the back of my mind that while I was living in NYC I would somehow, someway meet her. I kept expanding my thoughts and mind to all the possibilities available for me. Then out of the blue, I got my opportunity to meet her.

It was February 7th, 2018. That morning, shortly after finishing a brief meditation session, I received a weekly newsletter which announced that Arianna was going to be speaking at an event for the launch of her Thrive App that same evening. The best part? It was FREE! The universe knew where I was at in life and it presented me the perfect opportunity.

I was waitlisted for the event but that did not deter me from showing up anyways. I got to the event and after a bit of waiting, got in. Then I realized that I was not going to get anywhere near Arianna unless I was VIP. The universe was telling me: “I got you in, but you’re stretching it thinking you’re going to get VIP.” My mental conditioning kicked in; I didn’t let negative thoughts overcome me. Instead I replaced them with: “You’ve come this far, don’t give up, remember you’re a badass and figure this out… just don’t get arrested.”

As the event ended a light bulb went off: I had my copy of Arianna’s Thrive Book in my bag! I grabbed my book and leaned over the rafters waving my book in the air and finally got her attention from down below. She looked up at me and I held my breath, unsure whether she was about to call security or wave me over. Then she sent someone to come get me so that she could sign my book!

When I met her face-to-face, I got the opportunity to thank her for the inspiration to pursue becoming a Stress Management Coach and for using her platform to help so many people. After she inquired more about who I was, we took a picture together and then she invited me to write on her media platform, Thrive Global.

It’s been almost a month since I met Arianna and just this past week my article was published by Thrive Global. Not only was my article published, but then Arianna herself posted my article on her social media platforms, reaching closer to 4000 likes. You just can’t make this stuff up!

“Coincidences are kind of like shortcuts to very big questions about fate, about God, even to people who don’t believe in either one… The notion that somewhere out there, someone or something is paying attention to your life, that there might be a plan conjured through coincidences.” –Sarah Koenig

The point of this story is to relentlessly believe and set a burning desire for what you want. Crazy people succeed because they’re crazy enough to believe that the universe wants to help them. And guess what? The universe really does want to help, but if you don’t believe you’re worthy or what you desire is realistic, then it won’t happen. By setting a desire to meet Arianna Huffington and keeping it in my subconscious mind of possibilities, I was more open and alert to opportunities I would have not seen before.

Never give up. Put what you want into the universe. Then work to make it happen. When you get an opportunity, or see a possibility, go for it! The worse that’s going to happen? You’ll be in the exact same position that you’re in right now. Look out for the coincidences in life. Explore and wonder beyond yourself. Then once you get it what you’re after, show gratitude to the universe, God, Buddha, or whatever you believe in for delivering it to you!

Let others call you crazy for your dreams and ambitions. Crazy people don’t think rationally- they succeed by breaking down barriers and doing what others said couldn’t be done.

Thank you, universe and Arianna for this simple gesture. Next up– Oprah!!

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