Have you felt unmotivated to move your body and exercise this winter?

With Spring time upon us check out these 3 quick tips to pump yourself up and get you in the mood to get outdoors and get exercising this spring time

Know your intention

Rather than be focused on specific goals, think about what your intention is with moving your body.

Is it about feeling better about yourself? Losing Weight? Gaining Strength? Toning Your Body? Improving Your Mood?

If so, then recognised that there may be times when you don’t feel like getting up, getting out, exercising, eating well. This is totally ok.

Its when this becomes habitual that it can start to make you feel like you are in a slump.

So when you are in this space, think about your why.

It could be that you want to live into your older age feeling fitter and being able to live without restrictions

It may be that you want to be able to keep up with your kids when they are running about this spring and summer time.

It may be that it just helps you keep mentally on top of things… or like many of us who suffer from mental illness like anxiety and depression, its a great way to get some headspace and feel better about ourselves.

So remember when you’re feeling low, take some time out in nature and remind yourself why you need to commit to yourself and make yourself a priority this spring time.

Beat Fitness Boredom

Did you know that when your brain abandons your fitness workout routine, your body will soon follow?

Are you prone to getting bored?

I know I get bored doing the same exercise routine over and over again.

Shift the gears and try something different.

When it comes to my exercise routines I switch between strength and power fitness programs to bootcamp, high intensity every few months.

When Im feeling like I need even more of a challenge, I enrol myself into an adventure competition that allows me to mix it up with mountain biking, kayaking, trail running and canoeing.

I know then that all of my fitness workouts need to align with getting fitter for the race.

So if you are a runner, perhaps try some interval fitness training. If you are bored of going solo, join a group instead.

If you are a gym goer, mix up your strength program with some outdoor running, swimming or high intensity training to shake things up for your body.

If you love the high intensity workouts but are getting bored with gyms or weights, try some boxfit or kickboxing! Its a great way to build strength and get your heart pumping.

Remember with any style of intense training, you should try and compliment it with some headspace, rest and restoration. For this I highly recommend yoga classes, stretch classes and roll and release.

Become present in the outdoors

We are so lucky to be surrounded with beautiful weather and beautiful parks and beaches almost all year round, yet so many of us take this for granted.

With Spring time embarking on us, the weather getting warmer and having beautiful outdoor parks and beaches to enjoy, why not get high in nature?

Getting outdoors is a great way to meet new like minded people, and be in the beautiful surrounds of Sydney’s parks and beaches.

When you exercise outdoors and surround yourself with nature its the one of the best natural highs you can get

So whats stopping you? Grab a buddy and join a group fitness class, or trying beach yoga, or beach swimming, or any other outdoor sporting activity.

Its a great mood booster and a great way to stimulate your body and mind

If you would like to learn more, get in touch with us today. We love being outdoors, love stimulating bodies and minds to create the healthiest version of ourselves


  • Helen Reed

    Mindfulness, Holistic Health and Transformation Coach

    Business Owner, Thought Provoker and Entrepreneur focused on holistic approach to mind body well being. Feature as a best selling author of "She Made it Happen" (2017) and recently launched a Corporate Women's Tribe - Motivated Mindful and Moving Women to build and drive positive connections of all like minded women

    She is a corporate businesswoman, a mum and owns her own business - Kappatalize Wellness.  She recently launched a Womens Tribe - Motivated Mindful & Moving Women for women who are overwhelmed and want to learn how to live their most authentic self by focusing on their health and well being through fitness, nutrition, natural living and mindfulness.

    She has worked in the corporate and consulting world for 15 years, focusing on how people shift their mindset when faced with challenging work environments.

    She is a successful motivational speaker and has even authored a chapter in the best selling series "She Made it Happen: 22 inspiring stories from female entrepreneurs around the world"

    She is also the owner of Kappatalize Wellness - a fitness, health and wellness business, where she works with both men and women to help them live the best life they possibly can, with a focus on healthy living through exercise, nutrition, mindset, mindfulness  and wellness programs.

    She is a qualified Change & Project Manager,  Personal Trainer, Bootcamp Trainer, Nutritionist, Holistic Health Coach, NLP Certified and Mindfulness Certified Coach.

    When she is not working or running her own business, she is spending time with her young family, exercising, taking on challenging outdoor adventures,  playing and watching sports and living life :-)