In this post, you will find tricks to decorate your home in a healthy way, suitable plants that purify the room, natural and ecological cleaning products, and much more.

The relationship between the characteristics of a place and our behavior is studied by environmental psychology. The decoration of a place can make us feel at ease or dislike and harm or improve our health. That is why it must be kept in the best possible conditions to be able to relax and rest after a whole day of work inside the house like Vinyl windows, the best thing for natural air which makes your mind fresh.

Do you have the feeling of always living in a hurry? Do you notice as if you lack energy? Your home may have something to do with it, let’s see if we can solve it.

As I have already told you on occasion, the decoration, colors, and everything that surrounds us can influence us. We are going to make him do it for us. Many times we make the mistake of decorating our home to impress and not to enjoy it. We have to find a way to make our home our emotional resting place

Use natural cleaning products

Lemon: Disinfectant, stain remover and eliminates bad odors

Vinegar: Natural antimicrobial number one product that also neutralizes bad odors.

Sodium bicarbonate: It is the healthiest and safest substance with natural acid. The multi-surface cleaner that can be mixed with lemon or vinegar for best results.

Introduce plants into your home d├ęcor

They make us connect with nature, enhance the feeling of well-being, serve to purify the air, and promote concentration.

Azalea and gerbera: Ideal for kitchens because they absorb benzene and formaldehyde found in cleaning detergents.

Ficus: Humidifies the air and absorbs vapors such as ammonia.

Aloe Vera: Apart from having a natural remedy to improve the health of your skin, this plant purifies the air by eliminating benzene, and at night it absorbs carbon dioxide and renews our oxygen.

Cactaceae: It is the plant that best reduces the radioactivity of computers, you can put it close to it.

Spatifilo:  Also known as the flower of peace, it has a great capacity to purify the air of the three most common toxic substances: formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene.

Scindapsus: It is a resistant plant that grows well in the shade, withstands low temperatures, and purifies the air, freeing it of carbon monoxide, toluene, and benzene.

Gerani: disinfects and cleans the air of bacteria, fights against moths, its aroma promotes sleep, and calms the nervous system.

They also purify the air: ivy, chrysanthemum, ficus, ribbon, and lily.


Lack of rest and lack of energy are related. We have all had one of those days when you wake up tired and need to take stimulants like coffee to be more alert; if this happens often it may be that the quality of our rest is not good.

Use light colors in your rest areas, remember some of the posts I have written previously, avoid that your brain is alert when you rest.

Remove sources of electricity in your bedroom

Buy a tabletop alarm clock. Using the mobile to wake up is not healthy; they emit electric waves and can distract us before sleeping. If you rest well, you will feel better both physically and emotionally.

Take time for yourself

We are in the habit of spending our time to meet the needs of others and fulfill our daily obligations. When is your turn? If you feel good about yourself, you will feel happier. This way you will infect everyone around you with your positivity and well-being. Find an hour a day to do things that you like, if you are not able to find it, it is good that you schedule it, every day at … without skipping any, so that in the end it is part of your daily journey, this will help you feel best.

Start with these little things and tell me about your experience, get a healthy home, you’ll see how you notice it!