Create Art. You are already an artist

Most people don’t write/create/paint/draw/sculpt mainly because of two things –

Firstly, they think they suck at what they do

Secondly, they are horrified to fantasize about how other people will respond to their creations

And that’s the reason only 3% of the world’s whole population make their mark and rest of 97% watch/listen/check out/stop by.

But these two fantasies are utterly false.

If you just become an audience and never take your hands out from your jacket to create something, how do you know you suck at it? Even for a minute, if we agree that you are not good enough in your craft, can’t it be improved?

Hey! Micheal Angelo didn’t become an artist just by voyaging around and critiquing other artists’ works. He went out and said – Here it is. It is mine. 

First, people ignored his work.

But, he did it again.

Then people laughed at his work.

But, he did it again.

Then people started paying attention.

Still, he kept on going!

And guess what?

He is being revered now as one of the most astounding artists in the world.

Give yourself wings. Create art. It doesn’t matter whether people pay heed or not. That doesn’t matter for now. They eventually will if you keep on doing.

When I first started writing 11 years ago, I realized that my fantasy about my writing skill was true. I sucked at it. I was not at all good.

But I knew from then only that I was still a writer, even if I was really, really bad. It didn’t matter much though.

I started writing. And I kept on doing. I didn’t pay much heed to people who said –

With your skill level, you can’t be a good writer.

Your English sucks. You can’t be a writer.

You can’t dream to be a writer in the real-world with the background you have.

How can you expect to be a writer when you never did it before?

I kept all the criticisms aside and kept on practicing. From then on I wrote more than 1000+ essays (most of them are not public now), numerous articles, more than 23 books and more.

And still, I receive a few criticisms here and there about my writing. But still, I keep on doing. I may not be a good writer still, but can’t I be if I keep on doing it until I become?

It is not a post to brag about me. It is about you, for you, to you. I don’t want you to die with your music still in you because you are more than what they say and what you believe to be true. You are already an artist. Keep those criticisms away for now. Concentrate on your practice. Do it regularly till the time you don’t become good in your own eyes.

And once you achieve the level ‘good’ then carry on still, keep practicing.

Great is coming along ?