Greetings, I am so excited about connecting. I was out of town for a while and life is finally getting back to normal. Unfortunately my house has not recovered; it is a mess, but such is life…

Enough of that, let’s talk about progress.

Let’s be honest, I enjoy yoga, but I would rather be outside. So yoga has been placed on the back burner for a while. I enjoy being outside so I follow my bliss and venture outdoors. It is chilly in the Northeast however, being outside is most important for my current state of mind and walking / jogging is my therapy. Of course I know I can do yoga outdoors but I am not interested in yoga right now.

Can we talk about food? While on vacation I ate a waffle everyday: delicious waffles! But now I am home and I am suffering due to poor decision-making. Certain foods cause me discomfort and yet I can be lured into temptation, disregarding all repercussions. I am so glad to be home. I enjoy eating healthy and my body responds best when I observe healthy habits, but sometimes I fall short, like when I am on vacation.

With that being said, there was a time when I internalized my failures, but not anymore. Everyday is a new day and I know I’ll only get better.

So onto my other areas of interests:

Savings: I decided to follow a 52-week plan but I am choosing to be more aggressive when possible. Additionally, my husband and I are increasing our yearly saving goals as well. If improving your personal saving is a goal of yours, do not worry about obstacles or getting derailed. It’s all a part of the process. Keeping moving forward and everything will work out as you planned.

Spiritual: I know I am fortunate to have a husband that prays over me every morning but I can be petty and refuse to pray at all especially if I am angry. To combat this, I do not let myself go to bed angry, even when he really deserves it!!!! In fact, meditation and prayer has given me the ability to better handle my anger and frustration. I would encourage anyone to spend time in mediation and prayer and when all else fails, just breathe…

Hanging out and using our selfie stick!

Family: Oh My Goodness!!! It is difficult to find time, where there is no time. Our solution is not to force the issue. If I am cooking and the girls want to join in, I allow it. It is better than trying to manipulate the day to allow for an extra 60–90 minutes together. Recently, we all went to the gym together. I prefer outdoor activities, but if the hubby and girls want gym time together, it is a go! Allow family time to happen organically otherwise it is forced and everyone suffers.

ACCESS: I just submitted all of my paperwork for becoming a Minority/Women Owned Business Enterprise!!! I am super excited about the possibilities!

It is Official! All paperwork submitted for MWBE Certification!

Are your Ready to move Onward, Upward, and Beyond! Here are 10 steps to start you on your journey

1. Banish Fear — Fear has no place on this journey.

2. Decide — Make the decision to do something different.

3. Believe — Believe that you deserve more.

4. Identify — Identify your areas of interest that may need adjustment.

5. Dream — Envision your life before responsibility.

6. Write — Write about your dreams, goals and plans.

7. Vision — Create a vision board to clarify, concentrate and maintain focus.

8. Start — Choose to take the next right step.

9. Patience — Be kind to yourself when you stumble.

10. Support — Create a support circle of love.

Dr. Shanelle R. Benson Reid, President and CEO of ACCESS Global, LLC. is a Consultant, Coach, Author and Professional Speaker. Her expertise is in Education, Cultural Competency, Social Awareness, Entrepreneurship and Community / Individual Empowerment.

Feel free to connect. I enjoy feedback and comments.


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