Thousand ideas, many products and no money. A lot of people create things but can`t sell anything of them because nobody needs these products. It is not the fault of the audience but rather their own. Product Launch Formula of Jeff Walker teaches in a great way how to overcome this problem.

1. Ask your audience. That sounds so simple but how many people do that? People create things that nobody need. Be aware of this fact so that you are already different from all the other entrepreneurs on the market. Ask your audience about their needs and their problems and try to solve these problems. Nothing more but also nothing less. One of the main reasons why entrepreneurs fail is because they create things that nobody else needs. So be clear about and focused about the outcome that you`re reaching for. The best way to do this is by asking your audience or your customers.

2. Create surveys. You can create surveys within 10 minutes at and it is also free. You can formulate some questions and then send the link to people in order to answer them. The more answers you can collect the better. Believe me after making this survey you will focus your product in a completely different way. Often times we think that people want to know all the things we learned but often time they don`t even care. Most often they want a special topic and when you get in conversation with them you will find out this topic. So built today your first survey at and formulate three questions. For example I started a survey and asked authors about their main problems as authors and their major challenges. Guess what? It was not what I was expected. The three main things were: marketing, selling and finding a good publisher. So know I`m focused on these three topics and create my product around these things. You should do the same and ask your audience and create surveys.

3. Solve their problems. After you identified their problems the next step is to solve these problems in a great way. So interview other people, make your research and create with this information your next product. You can also think in short-term and long-term goals of your audience. So what are short-term goals they want to achieve and what are long-term goals? Try to answer these questions as detailed as possible and built your ideas around them. Help to achieve their short-term and long-term goals faster than anybody else and they will be happy to buy your product. When you solve their problems in a great way they not only will buy from you but also will be customers for life. Is that not a great start for business partners?
So, three easy steps that you should do today: Ask your audience what they want, built surveys and find out their main challenges and problems and then in the last step create products they will solve these problems and obstacles. If you really want to master this process I would highly recommend Product Launch Formula by Jeff Walker who gives great insides and also free training how to do it and also many case studies. I hope that helped you about thinking how to be more strategic.

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