It has never been a more fortunate time for creators, artists and leaders in the world Now, more than ever. Internet and social media have brought a revolution in the ART world. But, this is also a curse in disguise, ’cause if you are an amazing artist, creator, writer or a leader of any sort, no matter now amazing and revolutionary your art or creation is, if you do not promote it well, it will remain unnoticed.  And what bigger shame than your art remaining unnoticed by your audience, by your followers, by your peers, by your amazing fan-base which might have gone head over heels after experiencing your creations. Nowadays, creating something has become easier but expecting that people will buy the moment you create or hit publish or make an announcement about it is really foolish. So the harsh truth of the matter is creating your art is just 40% these days, 60% is marketing. Now, I know, if you are someone who hates marketing and publicizing your work, you might be feeling like sticking a fork in your eye, but wait, it is not that difficult, in-fact marketing if done Soulfully can astonish you by the massive results it might bring in, in terms of creating a raving fandom and establishing an expert authority in your industry.

Let’s have a look at the 5 tips you can follow to market your art/creation from the soul:
1.Make sure you are moved by your art- Yes, by moved I mean to say, are you in love with your art, are you super proud of what you have created, does your art move you, does it make you emotional in a sense that you are so content to create such a piece, are you inspired by your own art? If your answer is No, let me get real with you, it is not gonna work. Why? Because then probably, it is not one of your best creations, you could do better, or maybe it is not an original creation of yours, if you are not moved by it. In order to move your audience by your creation, you should be moved by your own creation first.

2.Make sure it serves a purpose– Yes! Do not create just for getting famous or rich or being in media, because that won’t be a soulful creation. Your creation should be inspiring or it should solve a problem or provide value to the consumers of your art. How is your creation making an impact or making a difference in the world? You have to know that first so that you can market it in your own unique way and soulfully.

3.Connection is the key– You have created your art for humans if I am not wrong, so having that human connection is so important. I know lots of internet marketers have forgotten that, but if you want to succeed in the long term, connecting with your audience, peers, network is super important. You cannot just expect to put your art out there, and move to some isolated island or mountain in a hope that when you come back, you will be a Star! Connect with people in your industry, people who are more experienced than you, let them know what you have created. 

4.There is no such thing as over-promoting– Yes! Do not be shy or think you are a pusher if are promoting about your art everywhere. In fact, you should promote it everywhere and tell everyone about it. What better way to let people know about your creation that you have put your heart, soul, tears and sweat into! Do not be shy to talk about your art, be proud of it and promote from a place of providing value to your audience not from a place of “Oh, I have created xyz, go and buy it”. One tactical step you can follow is to provide value to your audience in small ways, by giving a taste of your creations. For example, if you are a writer, you may share some lines or passages or lines which are inspiring to give a taste of your book to the audience. If you are a painter, click pictures of your other arts, put it out there on social media to give people a thing or two to expect from your art. Soulfully tell the world of your amazing creation.

5.Choose a platform that is super fun for you– I know it is very overwhelming these days as there are so many social media platforms and there is this pressure to be on all of them. There is no need to promote your work on ALL the social media platforms. Choose one or two and stick with it for a few months and then decide whether that platform is for you or not. Make sure, the platform you choose, may be it is facebook or instagram or pinterest or linkedin or tumblr or any other, that you love it and are having fun using it because if you are not having fun, you are missing the whole point of this entire conversation. 
Marketing is fun when you come from a place of providing value, having fun, creating connection and most importantly serving the world to make it a better place in the form of your creation. 

Talking about soulful creations. I am super proud to share about my second book “Heart Fool of Love and Life” which is a collection of Poetry and prose for the Lovers, Dreamers, Creatives and Entrepreneurs. And the best part, it became a bestseller on Amazon yesterday. I had followed the same tips and strategies that I have discussed in this write up. Trust me, it works! Period.