July is a month where we celebrate our independence, or as I recently heard it called, “Brexit 1776.” It’s a month of ice cream, swimming pools, movies, fireworks, relaxation, and fun. July is also a great time to reflect on the concept of independence — specifically financial independence.

What does financial independence mean to you?

I frequently hear comments regarding different definitions of financial independence founded in certain milestones such as “Paying my mortgage off,” “Being debt-free,” or “Having $1 million dollars.”

I believe there is a more thoughtful way to approach financial independence.

Each year I see hundreds of different financial situations and as many definitions of what financial independence means. Financial independence in my world, however, is defined by three foundational concepts.

  • Having enough income for life to pay your expenses in perpetuity
  • Making sure your expenses reflect truly how you want to live your life (with no lifestyle creep).
  • Having a strong legacy plan in place, upon your death or disability, regardless of how long you live or market conditions.

I personally focus on the concept of financial independence because it is more doable than you may realize. It’s really all about controlling the 3 foundational concepts above, in balance.

Do you have a plan for your financial independence?

Meredith Moore is a 20-year veteran of the financial advisory industry who specializes in bringing a customized approach to support the highly personal dynamics that govern her clients’ relationship with money and success. She is the recipient of numerous industry awards and a noted speaker and writer focusing on the intersection of power, money, and gender within relationships. Ms. Moore can be reached at www.artisanfsonline.com.

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