There is so much uncertainty around during this COVID-19 pandemic that more than our physical health, it has taken a toll on our mental health, which is why taking care of your mental health is all the more essential. Here is a list of tips that will help you create your long-lasting happiness as we live through the pandemic.

1. Do Not Overload Yourself with Information:

Yes, it is essential to stay up to date with news, but it makes no sense to overwhelm yourself by it. Set a limit to news intake every day as it does not really help to listen to the same COVID-related news which seems to be never-ending.  Focusing on good thoughts becomes difficult if you keep on in-taking disturbing news, which is why do not overload yourself with it.

2. Take Care of Your Physical Health:

Your inner happiness does not just depend on your mental health but your overall health, which means you have to work on your physical fitness as well. Working out is still a good idea during the pandemic, as it helps to increase your immunity as well. 

3. Declutter:

Declutter your mind of any negative thoughts. You also need to declutter your surroundings and get rid of excess items. As you have to spend most of the time indoor, too much stuff can make you anxious. You will feel calmer once u get rid of the surrounding mess.

4. Give Back:

You must have achieved a lot in life, more than several others. It always feels good to give back a part of what you receive. You can help the less fortunate ones who lost their jobs or you can help anyone in need. Giving back to the community will create a sense of self-satisfaction and righteousness which brings immense inner peace.

5. Be Grateful:

Yes, the pandemic has taken a lot from everyone, but if you are still alive and breathing, be grateful for that. Stay happy about the fact that you could spend more time with your family and bond with them better. Be happy that you are healthy and still have to see a lot of good years post-pandemic.

6. Spend Time Doing Things You Love:

As we have all this free time now because of social distancing, it is good to indulge in learning new skills you always wanted to. Improving your knowledge about a subject or a hobby always gives a sense of achievement that will make you feel elated.

7. Connect with Nature:

As we humans have been forced to stop our busy urban lives, which included visiting malls and pubs, we have to adapt to the new normal. It is much safer now to explore nature, which will bring a calm that you never felt during clubbing. Go on a hike or do diving with Ulysee Diver watch as your companion and connect with what the nature has to offer. The beauty of mother earth will amaze you and bring the inner peace you have been seeking for. 

The Bottom Line:

Accepting the new normal and not being desperate about the pandemic to vanish is something you need to bring in-habit. The pandemic is a phase that will eventually pass. Spending too much time thinking about it is going to only diminish your immunity. Remain grateful for your good health and create a sense of calm around you always to achieve inner happiness for a long time.


  • Nataliya Stefanus is a lifestyle Enthusiast and a passionate lifestyle blogger. She's a fan of good food at local restaurants. She enjoys playing bollywall on the beach, reading and spending time with her friends.