You were all fired up. Ready to create your new shiny morning routine.

You read about it. You wanted it. You planned for it. You set your alarm clock for it. And then …

It is 5.30 am: Ringalingadingaling!!

Alarm clock set out of reach. No snooze. You have to get up to stop it. You really have to.

But the bed is so warm.

The night was so rough.

You so do not feel like getting up. So… you don’t.

Motivation, Where Art Thou?

Yeah we have all been there. Maybe even this morning. Maybe right now.

Maybe it was not about a morning routine? Maybe it was about activities later in the day? You wanted to write a blog. Contact 4 people about your products and services. Do a Facebook live. But you just do not feel like it.

Motivation … where art thou motivation?

Let’s cut to the chase here: as long as you are searching for motivation, you are not DOING anything.

As long as you feel like you have to feel like anything … you are not DOING anything.

Trust me. I did not feel like writing this blog. I had jotted it in my to do list for today: ‘write on a new blog post for 15 minutes’. I saw it on my list. I even wrote next to it: ‘tough …. re-read old blogs [would be just as good, for sure …]’.

Until I listened to one of my mentors, John Melton. He said that at times he does not feel like writing in his gratitude journal. Does not feel like riding his desk bike. Does not feel like a lot, really.
 But does he DO it anyway? Yes he does. For he knows that -in order to get anywhere, in order to be on his way to the best he can be- he has to get out of his own way.

I could not agree more. You are your own worst enemy when it comes to moving forward.

Get Out of Your Own Way

So did I re-read my old blogs? NO. Did I write for 15 minutes. Oh yeah. I got out of my own way.


  • By truly listening to someone I trust.
  • By getting my butt in gear so I could outrun my butt!
  • By hydrating my body and soul. I am thirsty for green tea and thirsty for a way out of the 9 to 5, thirsty for a sense of control. Writing gives me control.

Creation is a most powerful tool. Others often dictate your pre-, your post-, and your 9 to 5. But these 15 minutes a day, the world is entirely mine. Mine to create.

What will you do with your 15 minutes a day?

Originally published at on January 25, 2017.

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